Turtle Bay Peterborough Restaurant Review

Despite being open for a few weeks now somehow I’d not yet managed to make it to one of Peterborough’s hottest new restaurants, so when Turtle Bay invited me over for a review I didn’t hang around.

With the children packed off to the grandparents for the night, my wife and I headed out to Turtle Bay to put the menu through it’s paces. Continue reading “Turtle Bay Peterborough Restaurant Review”

Middletons Steakhouse – Coming soon to Peterborough

It’s taken a while but finally, Peterborough is about to get a bona-fide steak restaurant.  Yes we’ve had some good restaurants in outlying villages, yes we’ve got national chain “grill” restaurants but finally, we’ve now Middletons.

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Did someone order sunshine?

With temperatures in Peterborough almost knocking on the door of 30degrees this week it’s tempting to say summer is well and truly here – for a few more days at least so what better time to announce a new restaurant opening which is so packed full of sunshine you’re going to need factor-50 just to get through the door.  Clearly Turtle Bay’s openings team have a deal going with the Met Office as they’ve cleverly chosen this week to let us all know what we can expect when their new Queensgate restaurant opens next month.

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All change for Peterborough’s food scene

I’ve neglected the blog over the past 18 months or so with only a scant post on trendy pubs and dessert bars, so I felt it was about time to take a look at what’s changed in the restaurant scene and try and predict what this could mean for Peterborough foodies.

Dearly departed

Let’s start off with those “eateries” we’ve lost, those that have bowed out amid pressure from others or maybe the city centre just wasn’t a good enough fit for them any more. Continue reading “All change for Peterborough’s food scene”

Stoneworks Bar, Peterborough

A pub with a whiteboard for a back bar, a scattering of mis-matched furniture and an old safe in the middle of the room. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some kind of bootleggers pub during prohibition but no, this is in fact Peterborough city centre’s latest drinking establishment. And it’s bloomin’ good!

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Peterborough no longer a dessert desert

The adage “You wait for one bus and then two come along” has possibly never been more appropriate than when it comes to Peterborough and dessert bars.

Until recently I’d presumed a “restaurant” dedicated to all things ice cream, waffle and crepe was nothing more than a gimmick that would be laughed out of town but it seems I couldn’t be more wrong.

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TAMU Dessert Bar, Cowgate

TAMU has established itself as the go-to place in Peterborough for extravagant waffle and cr?pe-based delicacies – both sweet and savoury so when owner TAMU got in touch asking if I’d like to come along with a few friends to the grand opening of their second dessert bar in Peterborough, I grabbed my elasticated-waist trousers and gladly accepted. Continue reading “TAMU Dessert Bar, Cowgate”