Pop-up Peru in Peterborough

by guest reviewer Nyree (@eerynnyree)

A few weeks ago, while procrastinating on Facebook, I saw a post about a new pop-up Peruvian restaurant in Peterborough. With a brother living in Peru?s bustling capital Lima, and having just returned from two weeks there myself, it caught my eye.

I booked for the first pop-up Peru evening on 9th May. The venue was Club Caliente at Parnwell Centre, an unusual choice but it actually worked well on the night with plenty of space to accommodate all attendees. The Peruvian music and decorations helped create the right atmosphere. Continue reading “Pop-up Peru in Peterborough”

Riva Italian Restaurant moves home

With the loss of the Riva Italian restaurant from the Key Theatre, some have been wondering what this meant for Riva, one of the last independent Italian restaurants in the city.

Riva-Logo3[1]Well, I’m pleased to hear that Riva won’t be disappearing but are moving to a new location – the village of Eye, occupying the building formally run as the popular Toscanini’s. Other businesses I’ve spoken?claim city centre costs are forcing them to look outside of the city but thankfully Eye is only a few minutes on the parkway from wherever you are in Peterborough. I’m not sure what the circumstances are behind the closing of Toscanini but the silver lining to this cloud is that at least Riva will live on. Continue reading “Riva Italian Restaurant moves home”

Cafe Clarkes to open at the Key Theatre

Not content with running just one great Michelin-recognised restaurant in Peterborough, Lee Clarke of Clarkes on Lincoln Road is set to take over from Riva at the Vivacity-run Key Theatre and transform it into “Caf? Clarkes”, a “classic British restaurant with more of an informal, casual atmosphere”.

I caught up with Dinesh Odedra of the Banyan Tree who is teaming up with Lee on this venture to find out more about their plans to bring another independent, locally-owned dining experience to Peterborough. Continue reading “Cafe Clarkes to open at the Key Theatre”

Carluccios opens in Peterborough

If you’ve been living under a rock or possibly one of the Cathedral Square paving slabs you will have missed that Peterborough’s latest restaurant – Carluccio’s has finally opened.

Founded by the “Godfather of Italian Food” Antonio Carluccio (but since sold to a Dubai-based investment company), the restaurant is styled more as a smart-casual caff? where you can pop in for great food whether it’s a breakfast pastry or an evening dinner for two. As chain Italian restaurant, Carluccio’s gets mentioned in the same breath as PizzaExpress, Ask, Prezzo, etc but really it deserves a bit more respect.

What I appreciate about Carluccio’s is that it’s always about the food – great Italian food – despite being a chain restaurant. They don’t even need pizza on the menu, just a veritable smorgasboard (and then some) of dishes. Continue reading “Carluccios opens in Peterborough”

Update – CafePod gets in touch

Following my earlier review of the Caf?Pod Nespresso-compatible coffee pod system, Caf?Pod Director Peter Grainger got in touch to express his concern over the problems I had been having.

It turns out I was one of a small percentage of Nespresso owners whose machines were slightly incompatible with the Caf?Pod capsules and Peter and his team were already in the process of launching a new design of capsule. When Peter offered to send me a few capsules for me to try, I of course said yes (who in their right mind would say no to free coffee?!) and I’m happy to say these ones worked perfectly. Continue reading “Update – CafePod gets in touch”

CafePod vs Nespresso

If you already know what Nespresso is and don’t care for my waffling, skip to the CafePod vs Nespresso review bit

Coffee and Nespresso

If (like me) you’re pretty much reliant on coffee before you can function in the morning then you’ve probably looked at the plethora of coffee capsule machines out there from companies like Tassimo, Dolce Gusto and Nespresso.  Coffee aficionados would probably tell you otherwise, but to me at least the machines are all pretty much the same thing: water and coffee capsule go in, coffee comes out.  Each brand has it’s own range of machines and capsules, so once you’ve bought the machine you’re locked into buying that brand of coffee… at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Continue reading “CafePod vs Nespresso”

Carluccios Peterborough announces opening date

After over a year in the planning, Peterborough’s hottest new Italian restaurant Carluccios is set to open it’s doors on January 31st. UPDATE Carluccios opens to the public on February 6th – the January date is a soft launch for staff training!

Where some other chain restaurants prefer out of town retail parks, Carluccios seems to prefer the city centre locations which is good for Peterborough as our city centre has been flat on it’s backside for a couple of years. Any new restaurant will put increasing pressure on existing restaurants, especially the independents like Riva and The Pizza House with 2012 seeing Topo Gigio on Cowgate pretty much close it’s doors (apparently it’s still open for private hire). Coincidentally, the new Carluccios restaurant is in what had previously been Topo Gigios and then a tea room.

My hope is that it the opening of Carluccios in Peterborough will encourage the independents to go above and beyond what the chains can normally offer by providing a more personal and intimate service, introducing seasonal menus using local ingredients.



Gattonero 2012 Christmas card

Has it really been a year since I sent my last Gattonero Christmas card?

With rising postage costs I’m now even less motivated to send out a paper card so once again I made the call to local designer Liz Elcoate from Capriccio Design and gave her the brief.

As my freelance business Gattonero would be nothing without the black cat, I donate to the place we adopted from – the Peterborough branch of Cats Protection.? This year they have started an Amazon Wish List so you can donate actual items rather than a slightly impersonal bundle of cash, plus what cat doesn’t deserve a handful of Dreamies at Christmas?

Enough waffle, here’s this year’s Chrismas card design. Merry Christmas!

Gattonero 2012 Christmas card