Lite FM – the sound of the underground?

Unknown to everyone outside of Peterborough and possibly most in Peterborough, Lite FM‘s fast becoming my radio station of choice both at home and in the car.

As the name may suggest, Lite isn’t going to satisfy your hunger for even mild RnB, Dance, Drum and Bass, Electronica… nope you won’t get any of that at Lite 106.8 FM. Lite’s strictly for easy listening sounds from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today (think Natasha Beddingfield and Sandi Thom).

Listen out for Chris Tibbles in the evenings and Holly Ford reading the news during the day (she’s the one with the sexy Northern accent!).

Hopefully the Lite FM website and streaming radio will be up soon so I can listen during the day while I’m at work!

Fabia vRS Milltek exhaust system

The warranty on my standard Skoda Fabia vRS is up soon so I’ve been looking at what exhaust systems are available.

Milltek have been the preferred choice for a lot of VW / Audi owners for a while as Milltek have specialised in those models for one reason or another, but also because their exhausts are quite good (if expensive – you get what you pay for after all!).

Thankfully, Milltek have also covered the Fabia vRS nicely and offer a couple of options for those looking to release as many “horses” and “torques” as possible.

Roadrunner Motorsport in Nottingham are Milltek stockists so their prices and service are always bloody good. After a bit of a chat, I discovered there’s now a new large bore cat-replacement downpipe available so I’d lose the catalytic convertor… failing that, a sports cat keeps my carbon footprint low and VOSA happy. Win-win!

Just need to work out how to pay for it now 😐

Wikifest – Isle of Wight FAQ

I’ve been on the Isle of Wight festival forum for about a year now and this year is no different to last, hundreds of questions that have all be asked and answered before… so I thought I’d have a go at trying to bring some order to the chaos.

Wikifest, a basic wiki (powered by Wikki Wakka Wiki) with no customisation from me other than a 30 second “web 2.0” logo 😛

This is my first real foray into creating/editing wiki content (previously I’ve had a play with entries on wikipedia).

Welcome blah blah..

Ooh get me, my own blog…

I decided that in the interest of SEO my Myspace (and more recently blogs just don’t cut the mustard, not to mention the hassle of cross-posting.

About me:

I’m a web developer (full time and also freelance) from Peterborough, UK. I tend to work closely with the automotive aftermarket industry (manufacturers, distributors and retailers) but take on work from other industries too (charities, Intranets).

Outside of the code I’m partial to a bit of comedy (watching, not performing) and the usual CV-inspired guff of reading, music, etc.

If you’ve stumbled on this blog from Google, you might want to visit my homepage or then again, you might not.