Vauxhall VXR Diesel

Sounds like someone in Luton’s finally realised that the VXR brand doesn’t have to be all about willy-waving power contests and that practicality can play it’s part.

The VXR range is set to include a diesel engine in some of the larger cars (admit it,? you’d hoped it would be and option for the Corsa!) such as the Zafira and whatever replaces the Vectra.

Featuring a sequential twin-turbo design, the 1.9 TT Diesel uses a different sized turbochargers to reduce lag and smooth power delivery. Power figures are anyone’s guess at the moment with quotes ranging from 170 to around 212bhp, but either way this is going to be one serious engine with mpg expected to be in the high 40’s, meeting Euro IV emission levels.

Dodo Juice Carnauba Wax

New to the detailing world is the Dodo Juice range of premium carnauba wax – the Dodo might be extinct but it’s juice will help preserve your car’s paintwork for years to come!Dodo Juice Wax

As used by Nath over at Cambridge Autogleam with great results, Dodo Juice is due for launch on June 1st and will be available in a range of flavours specifically designed to suit certain paint types:

  • Dodo Rainforest Rub
  • Dodo Orange Crush
  • Dodo Banana Armour
  • Dodo Purple Haze
  • Dodo Light Fantastic

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Edworthys / 247PPD *HELP – CONNED*

Do we need any more proof that the guys behind Edworthys and 247 Performance Parts Direct are potentially a bunch of fraudsters!!?? Buyers beware – always use your credit card to cover you in the event of any problems with mail order suppliers.

A source I’ve spoken to have confirmed they under sell products at cheaper than cost price and then fail to honour the orders – damaging parts manufacturers business, damaging reputable retailers and also damaging the aftermarket industry as a whole!

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Gumball 3000 drivers arrested in hit-and-run death

Nick Morley and Matthew McConville have been arrested in Macedonia after an alleged hit and run incident which left one man dead and his wife fighting for her life. Rumour has it that the two crashed their Porsche 911 into a VW Golf (non Gumball participant) and then fled the scene in another competitors BMW.
Looks like this will be the end not only of the Gumball but other similar rallies taking place across the world.

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Stop that bandwagon, I want to get on!

As it seems everyone and their mum are blogging it, why should I be any different!?


No idea what I’m on about?? It’s the HD-DVD processing key that everyone’s going mad for… why I’m not too sure. ? Last time I looked, I’ve not got an “enter yor processin’ key” option (hell, I’ve not even got an HD-DVD drive lol) so what everyone thinks they’re going to do with this code is beyond me.

Another bandwagon, yesterday:


It’s official: Rolling Stones to Headline the 2007 Isle of Wight Festival

After much speculation and numerous grinds on the rumour mill, The Rolling Stones have been confirmed as the headlining act on the Sunday night.
The announcement on the official Rolling Stones website gives dates of shows across Europe leaving little doubt to the staying power of one of the most acclaimed bands in British music history.

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Pipercross to work with Hawk Kawasaki British Superbike Team in 2007

Pipercross have announced a tie-in with British Superbike Team Hawk Kawasaki for the 2007 racing season.
This is great news for all BSB enthusiasts and riders of the Kawasaki ZX-10 bike as it can only lead to good things for developing cutting-edge air intake systems.

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