Edworthys / 247PPD *HELP – CONNED*

Do we need any more proof that the guys behind Edworthys and 247 Performance Parts Direct are potentially a bunch of fraudsters!!?? Buyers beware – always use your credit card to cover you in the event of any problems with mail order suppliers.

A source I’ve spoken to have confirmed they under sell products at cheaper than cost price and then fail to honour the orders – damaging parts manufacturers business, damaging reputable retailers and also damaging the aftermarket industry as a whole!

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Gumball 3000 drivers arrested in hit-and-run death

Nick Morley and Matthew McConville have been arrested in Macedonia after an alleged hit and run incident which left one man dead and his wife fighting for her life. Rumour has it that the two crashed their Porsche 911 into a VW Golf (non Gumball participant) and then fled the scene in another competitors BMW.
Looks like this will be the end not only of the Gumball but other similar rallies taking place across the world.

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Stop that bandwagon, I want to get on!

As it seems everyone and their mum are blogging it, why should I be any different!?


No idea what I’m on about?? It’s the HD-DVD processing key that everyone’s going mad for… why I’m not too sure. ? Last time I looked, I’ve not got an “enter yor processin’ key” option (hell, I’ve not even got an HD-DVD drive lol) so what everyone thinks they’re going to do with this code is beyond me.

Another bandwagon, yesterday:


It’s official: Rolling Stones to Headline the 2007 Isle of Wight Festival

After much speculation and numerous grinds on the rumour mill, The Rolling Stones have been confirmed as the headlining act on the Sunday night.
The announcement on the official Rolling Stones website gives dates of shows across Europe leaving little doubt to the staying power of one of the most acclaimed bands in British music history.

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Pipercross to work with Hawk Kawasaki British Superbike Team in 2007

Pipercross have announced a tie-in with British Superbike Team Hawk Kawasaki for the 2007 racing season.
This is great news for all BSB enthusiasts and riders of the Kawasaki ZX-10 bike as it can only lead to good things for developing cutting-edge air intake systems.

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DVLA to make it easier to look a tw*t?

MP Richard Ottaway’s obviously had a hard time transferring his personal numberplate from one car to another as he’s just submitted a bill to Parliament to make the transfer even easier (obviously cherished-plate owners are a bit lacking in the old grey matter department, otherwise they would realise that their chosen plate looks a bit shit).

Ottaway, who’s own plate is probably O774WAY or something equally badly spelt, commented: ?The current situation is bad for consumers, as well as cherished number dealers, as it stifles choice and flexibility for the individual and for business. These changes would give consumers more confidence in the process, and allow dealers to reassure their customers.

Pipercross panel air filter

Finally got round to fitting the Pipercross replacement element panel air filter to the Fabia vRS (which only took 5 minutes to fit, so should have been done WEEKS ago!!).

The fit was perfect as you’d expect from any original-equipment specification air filter and thankfully, Pipercross took the decision to design the filter so it doesn’t need any dirt retention fluid (oil) to work.

This makes the air filter unique as all other performance filters need oil, which can damage the sensitive MAF sensors found in VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Subaru applications (anything fitted with a Bosch MAF really).

As it’s an OE spec filter, there’s no need to inform insurance companies and it cannot invalidate your warranty (considering it protects the engine better than some paper air filters, it should be a requirement to have one fitted!!).

Anyway, on with the road test…

Induction note is pretty much unchanged – I guess I’m listening out for it more, but the sound is always going to be muffled by the factory airbox. I can definately hear the turbo spooling a bit louder though, possibly because it now picks up at lower RPM due to the increase in air supply.

Power increases will be negligible, at least nothing I can’t measure by simply driving the car. Throttle response is definately better with the revs picking up and dropping off easier (makes it easier to drive as the engine becomes more predictable) and there’s less turbo lag of course.

MPG over the past hundred miles since fitting the filter has actually improved which is fantastic considering I’ve been driving it a bit more enthusiastically whilst listening out for the induction note! When I get back to sensible driving it should be even better (high 40’s).

Soot out of the exhaust is reduced too. Where I’d normally see a plume of smoke shortly after planting my right foot, now there’s just a faint wisp 🙂

All in all, very impressed – the filter was only ?33 from The Pipercross Shop and I’m just annoyed I didn’t fit it earlier!