eBay auction alternatives

I’ve used eBay for years. I’ve bought, I’ve sold (infact, I’ve bought two items this weekend) but I do so begrudgingly, knowing that the fees eBay milk from their sellers never reflects on the customer service you’d expect from a website this popular.

So with that in mind, I’ve always been keeping an eye out for alternatives to what I lovingly refer to the online car boot sale that is eBay. Everyone and their dog has had a go at the auction startup it seems, some with more success than others (think QXL and Yahoo Auctions). Continue reading “eBay auction alternatives”

Plotting Peterborough roadwork chaos

Google Map of Peterborough Roadworks

I’m not sure if the above link is going to work, but I’m trying to demonstrate how chaotic negotiating Peterborough’s road network is at present. I don’t think Google allow others to edit a public map, so if you are aware of any other roadworks in the city, please let me know.

Road chevrons confuse Tiff Needell

And I’m glad I’m not the only one! If someone like Tiff Needell can get confused by the ‘Two Chevrons Apart’ rule that’s painted onto many roads up and down the UK, then what hope is there for other motorists?
On his Auto Express blog, Tiff who is most famous for his career in motoring journalism, has found his regular drive down the A34 blighted by the introduction of large white chevrons painted onto the tarmac.

Tiff would rather see the behaviour of speed-limited heavy goods vehicles receive more control:

The point is, has the inventor of this totally unrealistic concept ever travelled up the A34 on a busy day? If they had then surely they would have campaigned for a law to stop lorries overtaking on dual carriageways if they wanted to avoid bumper to bumper pile-ups. I mean the trucker that takes three miles to get passed his mate and three hundred miles later is only three hundred yards ahead of him needs to be controlled!

Annoyingly, the chevrons only seem to serve as a method of leaving a large enough gap for someone in an adjacent lane to nip in and fill the space. Being the law-abiding idiot chap that I am, I then drop back another chevron (or is it two?) thus leaving a gap for it to happen again.
Before I know it, I’ll be back where I started my journey!


I suppose it had to happen. After months of waiting in anticipation, the ending of Halo 3 has been leaked 7 days and 13 hours (at the time of writing this) before the game is released.

Bungie are blamed as the source but I’m guessing it was leaked by a rogue cleaner wiping down desks late one Tuesday night. Continue reading “HALO 3 ENDING LEAKED!!!”

Free Pixel Ads

As far as Google are concerned, or at least as far as some people would like you to think, paid links are bad and their use results in you being blacklisted and physically violated by the big G.

Personally, I don’t think that the odd paid-for link can be that bad. After all businesses have paid for their advertising in the real world for hundreds of years and some media rely on advertising revenue for their income. Continue reading “Free Pixel Ads”

Peterborough ET in traffic jam EXCLUSIVE!

Talk about stating the obvious! Didn’t anyone else realise that simultaneous roadworks on over half of Peterborough’s main trunk roads would cause congestion? This has been happening for weeks!

Best thing is where traffic diverted onto London Road then get caught in roadworks on London Road – top marks to whoever dreamed up that diversion!

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