Topo Gigio set to reopen in Peterborough

For those that have lived in Peterborough over the last 30 years or so, Topos will be a familiar (if not a slightly distant memory) name on the restaurant scene. Well that’s all set to change with a new ownership looking to clear out the cobwebs, give the interior a once-over and welcome back all the customers that it served so well over the years.

I can almost hear the naysayers naying that we already have too many Italian (and by that they mean pizza and pasta) restaurants in Peterborough – but they should remember that Topo Gigio was in Peterborough long before many of the other Italian restaurants.

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Lime and Chipotle Chilli Gourmet Marshmallows

As a self-confessed chilli addict I’m always on the lookout for products that will give me my next hit on the Scoville scale.? So when last week’s episode of Sunday Brunch had food writer Rebecca Seal presenting a selection of gourmet marshmallows – including a Lime and Chipotle chilli flavour marshmallow, my interest was suitably piqued.? I wasn’t convinced that anything other than the typical vanilla “marshmallow” flavour was necessarily a good thing but I’m open to trying new flavour combinations when there’s chilli involved. Continue reading “Lime and Chipotle Chilli Gourmet Marshmallows”

“End of an era” as Reba closes in Peterborough

I was sad to hear that long-time independent boutique shop Reba (formerly Balagan) in Cathedral Square, Peterborough is closing after 19 years trading in the city centre, with January 11th being the final day.? I’ve fond memories of descending the steps into the shop which opens up into a little Aladdin’s cave of display cabinets and shelves, searching for that elusive gift for someone hard to buy for.

More recently Rachel has been one of the key champions of independent retailers in Peterborough so the closure of Reba and the loss of yet another niche retailer is a blow to the “indie” campaign and Peterborough’s retail offering.? Even the Reba “message of the day” blackboard outside the entrance of the shop has been a nice addition to what is already probably the best dressed shop in the Peterborough.

Reba owner Rachel Parkin put together such an emotive press release to announce the closure that I wanted to publish it here.? I’d like to wish Rachel and staff at Reba all the best for the future.

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Are Peterborough City Council anti-cycling?

I started writing this post as a letter to the Peterborough Telegraph but thought I would stick it up on here in its entirety to get as much exposure as possible.

In the same month as many local businesses and organisations celebrate at a Green Awards ceremony, I’ve learned that Peterborough City Council is planning on removing cycle parking on Long Causeway. Continue reading “Are Peterborough City Council anti-cycling?”

Peterborough City Council say No to street food

Peterborough-entrepreneur Chris Jones has been denied a regular city-centre location for his artisan food truck venture despite there already being other mobile food traders that have traded in the area for years.

Spurred on by the growing street food scene in other UK cities – and inspired by the well-established food trucks of the USA – Chris has seen a gap in Peterborough’s foodie offering and wants to bring an artisan barbecue experience to our city.

However, unfortunately for Chris he has come up against Peterborough City Council which seem pretty clueless when it comes to supporting Chris in his street food dreams.? Exasperated by the response he got from the council’s City Centre Manager Justin Beaumont, Chris took to Twitter and his own website to vent his frustrations: Continue reading “Peterborough City Council say No to street food”

Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso coffee pods

Seemingly overnight, the coffee pod options for users of the (in my opinion) fantastic Nespresso coffee machine have multiplied to the point where there’s too many to keep track of.? Where it was once a closed system now there are dozens of brands trying to get their Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules out to the market.

My earlier review of Caf?Pod capsules seems to have caught the eye of the cleverly-titled Big Cup Little Cup (more on that later) who offered to send me a few capsules for me to test.? As someone who is fuelled on caffeine and appreciates a freebie, I of course said “yes please” with this review as the outcome. Continue reading “Big Cup Little Cup Nespresso coffee pods”