Peterborough no longer a dessert desert

The adage “You wait for one bus and then two come along” has possibly never been more appropriate than when it comes to Peterborough and dessert bars.

Until recently I’d presumed a “restaurant” dedicated to all things ice cream, waffle and crepe was nothing more than a gimmick that would be laughed out of town but it seems I couldn’t be more wrong.

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TAMU Dessert Bar, Cowgate

TAMU has established itself as the go-to place in Peterborough for extravagant waffle and cr?pe-based delicacies – both sweet and savoury so when owner TAMU got in touch asking if I’d like to come along with a few friends to the grand opening of their second dessert bar in Peterborough, I grabbed my elasticated-waist trousers and gladly accepted. Continue reading “TAMU Dessert Bar, Cowgate”

Handmade Burger Co comes to Peterborough

It looks like the prize of Peterborough’s Best Burger has finally been won – before the “winner” has even opened their new restaurant!

After a couple of years of hassling nagging Handmade Burger Co. on twitter and email, even going as far as selling Peterborough to their openings team, it’s finally happening and we’re finally getting a gourmet burger restaurant in the City. Handmade Burger are arguably one of the best burger chains in the UK so their arrival is very welcome. Continue reading “Handmade Burger Co comes to Peterborough”

Argo Lounge restaurant to open in Peterborough

I’m sure I’ve said it before but restaurant openings in Peterborough are like buses (the Stagecoach number 1 to be precise). ? After a spell of not a great deal happening in the Peterborough restaurant scene we get half a dozen new venues slapped onto our plate for us to feast upon.

The one that’s caught my attention the most is the new Argo Lounge restaurant (officially cafe/bar), part of the Loungers chain. Despite having almost 50 “Lounges” to their name, they’re relatively unknown in this part of the country however you might be more familiar with their sister chain of Cosy Club restaurants, with the Cosy Club in Stamford being a popular destination for Peterborough diners looking for a change from the norm. Continue reading “Argo Lounge restaurant to open in Peterborough”

Lee Clarke is on the run

I wouldn’t normally blog about someone’s charity efforts on here but when I saw Clarkes head chef Lee Clarke was running the Great Eastern Run I thought I’d try and do my bit to help him raise his sponsorship target.

Lee’s willingness to put himself through his first ever half-marathon is inspiring and will be a great personal challenge, raising money for local Peterborough charity Little Miracles but also with the aim of losing a few pounds.

Sponsor Lee at

Even if you can’t afford to sponsor financially, why not head down to the Great Eastern Run route on Sunday and cheer on Lee and all the other runners!

Ambulance saves Peterborough sculpture

When a passer-by spotted a “body” hanging from a billboard on Mayor’s Walk in Peterborough their first instinct was to call the emergency services.

Little did they know that the body was actually a sculpture created as part of the Peterborough ‘Metal Billboard’ project by arts organisation Metal.

Metal billboard sans body
Metal billboard sans body

Created by artist Laura Keeble,? the striking sculpture titled “What’s an artist worthis was designed to provoke discussion into recent government cuts to arts and creative industries.

The billboard featuring a spraypainter is signed “Laura Keeble & Mark Grist, artist vs educator & poet” – Mark Grist being former Peterborough poet laureate, rapper and ex-English teacher.

Sadly the installation near the fire station on Bourges Boulevard only lasted for around two hours before a number of emergency vehicles arrived on the scene.

Luckily Laura was in the area and managed to capture the dramatic rescue on camera. After seeing the “body” being taken away in an ambulance Laura suggested that it was now “either in a cell or at a hospital!”.

With the body looking as lifelike as this it’s easy to see why it caused such concern:

Metal Billboard body
The making of the “body”

Fellow artist and contributor to Metal Billboard, Lee Mason tweeted:

The Metal Billboard project has been commissioned to run throughout September, coinciding with Peterborough Arts Festival and has the aim of turning the city into an exciting outdoor public gallery to stimulate reflection and conversation. Laura’s work has certainly done that and in such a dramatic style too!? Lets hope Metal keep up this momentum and continue their efforts.

Find out more about Metal Billboard and Meta at

– photos courtesy of Laura Keeble,

Cycling in Peterborough? On (or off) yer bike!

Like a dog with a bone, it seems that still Peterborough City Council are again discussing plans to close off Bridge Street in Peterborough to cyclists. Thankfully Peterborough has a branch of the cycling charity Sustrans which is proactively fighting for rights of all bicycle users and is calling on the council to look at evidence rather than a knee-jerk emotional reaction.

…Sustrans does not believe that introducing a similar ban on Sundays to the other days is necessarily the best option.

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Peterborough Curry Club visits Maharanis, Deeping

This visit was with Peterborough Curry Club and the first time to Maharanis for our members, yet we were made to feel extremely welcome by the staff who were attentive and helpful throughout the meal. We took advantage of the restaurant’s Wednesday night deal as it seems had most of Deeping as the restaurant was at capacity with several other large groups. Continue reading “Peterborough Curry Club visits Maharanis, Deeping”