It’s Jofftastic! New domain for the blog

I’ve decided to mirror the domain with – thanks to Google assuming that anything dot org could never be of relevance in the UK search results… give me Yahoo’s sensible SERPS any day!

So now, the blog should be sitting happily on the other end of

Content Management Systems – 10 Days Without Website Control

Does the CMS spell the end for web designers/developers/content editors? I don’t think so but this article might make you think otherwise

Not all clients that are savvy with how t’internet works and letting them loose with a CMS is a dangerous thing. Image formats, editing, fonts, layout guidelines – all this can go to pot once Dave in accounts starts playing with the website because he once went on a course to “do web pages”.

Sometimes you get lucky and the client understands how information needs to be stored in the DB and you can get away without using a CMS. By arming them with an FTP client and myPhpAdmin they can make minor changes to existing pages without incurring your extortionate hourly rates.

A CMS does have it’s place but it should be in the hands of the web designer, not the client. The CMS should only be operated by users with sufficient experience with web best practices – this doesn’t have to be an external company, in house training should suffice.

Anyone for a CMS?

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