Turtle Bay Peterborough is now open!

I was one of the lucky ones to get an invite to the VIP preview night of Turtle Bay’s new Peterborough restaurant but as I was away on my holibobs I sent some intrepid food (and drink!) testers in my place.  Their words and photos are below.

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Did someone order sunshine?

With temperatures in Peterborough almost knocking on the door of 30degrees this week it’s tempting to say summer is well and truly here – for a few more days at least so what better time to announce a new restaurant opening which is so packed full of sunshine you’re going to need factor-50 just to get through the door.  Clearly Turtle Bay’s openings team have a deal going with the Met Office as they’ve cleverly chosen this week to let us all know what we can expect when their new Queensgate restaurant opens next month.

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