Snacks Away, online lunch ordering

If you’re one of the many people in Peterborough that work in an office on a business park, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the daily question of where to buy your lunch. Of course you could bring your own lunch from home, but where’s the fun in that?

Those in the city centre have it easy with just about any cuisine on the doorstep, but for those at Lynch Wood, Orton Southgate, Fengate, etc. it’s usually a case of waiting for one of the food vans to rock up outside. Then queuing, choosing a sandwich, finding you’ve left your wallet at home… thankfully that’s all set to change with the arrival of Snacks Away.

Order lunch online

This isn't all for me!

The concept is painfully simple, making you wonder why it’s not been done before (maybe it has?). Simply visit the Snacks Away website, choose your lunch items from their expanding menu, pay online and wait for it to be delivered within an allotted time. Better still, the Snacks Away menu caters for those with special dietary requirements such as gluten free and lactose free.
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Sundays restaurant, Peterborough

By guest reviewer PeterboroughCritic

Whilst in Queensgate last week I found myself pressed for time and not suitably dressed for the rain outside, yet I needed to get lunch from somewhere. I decided to put the feelers out on Twitter for suitable food outlets and Sundays Restaurant on Cumbergate was one of the suggestions that came through.
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Review of Nando’s, Peterborough

It’s finally here, Peterborough has a Nando’s. If you’ve been to a Nando’s anywhere else in the country then Peterborough Nando’s will be no surprise:? It’s the same great Nando’s Peri Peri taste but now it’s on your doorstep in Cathedral Square, so stop reading and go and get yourself some chicken!? For those new to Nando’s restaurants, read on… Continue reading “Review of Nando’s, Peterborough”

Jim’s Bistro Closes

Sadly my favourite restaurant in Peterborough, Jim’s Bistro has closed!

The owners, Jim and Sharon Trevor opened the restaurant on Broadway in 2008 and were one of the few restaurants in the city that dared to offer something different to Peterborough diners.

A statement posted on to the Jim’s Restaurants website says:

We have now closed Jim’s Bistro in Broadway after three years of trading. Since opening The Beehive in July last year we have now decided to focus our energies on one single site in the City.

A huge thank you to all our Staff and everyone that has supported us. We sincerely appreciate it.

We hope that you can visit us at The Beehive or at Jim’s Yard in Stamford, where on our?menu you will still find the fresh soup and the?simple fish supper?are prepared daily.

Jim & Sharon

In a competitive industry I can’t help think that the closure of the Broadway Theatre due to fire in 2009 and the more recent closure due to poor management has been a contributing factor, as Jim’s Bistro was in a prime location for theatre-goers.

Nando’s Peterborough opening date

The word on the Peri-Peri street is that Peterborough’s latest eatery is due to open has opened on August 17th!? Make sure you read my review of Nando’s Peterborough:

Nando’s is one of the national (international even) chains that has been missing from the Peterborough dining scene and is one of the most often requested, certainly one of the most popular searches on this blog.

If you’re familiar with Nando’s then don’t expect anything new or groundbreakingly different for the restaurant which can be found facing Cathedral Square in what was HMV. What you can be sure of is the famous Nando’s taste, the range of Peri-Peri marinated chicken and a lively dining experience.

For Nando’s virgins this isn’t a fast-food fried chicken shack. This is sit down food with proper cutlery and everything, plus it’s so very tasty!

So make sure you’re there on the 17th and form an orderly queue!

To make a table reservation call Nandos Peterborough on 01733 551 222

Review of The Vineyard, Peterborough

by guest reviewer Nick (@nmyers89)

Formerly The Tom Locke Harvester, The Vineyard in Peterborough reopened it’s doors to the general public back in April following a ?250,000 refurbishment – and boy did it need it. The outdated decor and cheap food made the venue less desirable for those who wanted to wine and dine in style.

Now though, the spacious setting is fitted with glass and steel, soft lighting and modern decor. The restaurant and wine bar certainly look the part. Conveniently located near the city centre on Lincoln Road, it now seats around 70 people and serves a mixture of traditional English dishes as well as some continental/exotic alternatives. The wine bar boasts a wide selection of wine from the cheap to the very pricey.

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All you can eat buffet in Peterborough

With the opening of the Jimmy Spice’s World buffet, Peterborough has been going all-you-can-eat crazy!

Now it seems that restaurants are so desperate to lure in diners that they’re resorting to belly busting offers, but is this at the expense of quality?? Is charging ?5 a head enough for restaurants to break even?? How much profit can they really hope make from the sale of drinks?

The concept of a lunchtime buffet isn’t new and I remember heading down to a local pizza restaurant with a few college friends en masse to take advantage of their all you can eat pizza deals.

So where in Peterborough can you eat until you drop?? These restaurants all run regular weekday buffets, either during lunch or dinner sessions:


  • Jimmy Spices
  • Asia Fuzion


  • Shalimar Gardens


  • Topo Gigio

If you know of any I’ve missed off, please let me know in the comments section below



The Clock Restaurant, Peterborough

According to today’s Peterborough Evening Telegraph, a new tenant has been found for what was Limon Cafe on Bridge Street!

After sitting empty for a couple of years and failed negotiations with other prospective businesses, the Council has finally done a deal which will see the unit being turned into “The Clock” restaurant.

Read the full article at

It sounds like the restaurant will be serving up more cafe style meals but the new owner Barry Blakesley sounds like he’s keen to change the menu according to demand. Slightly confusing is that the Clock’s website hints that the eaterie will be a “Restaurant, Bistro & Evening Wine Bar”.
If it is, lets hope they remember to fit power points near tables and offer free WiFi!

Bridge Street’s pretty much a ghost town after 6pm so I’m not sure if The Clock will be open into the evening to compete with other restaurants that open late.


The Clock
25 Bridge Street

Update – The Clock, reviewed 28/7/11

Following some of the opening week comments below I decided to pay The Clock a visit myself. My experience was ok, but not perfect…

During my visit The Clock was fairly busy with diners sitting both in and outside on Bridge Street, on entering the restaurant we were shown to a table and given menus. There looked to be plenty of staff, who were polite and smartly dressed.
Inside the place looked smart with wooden furniture and a fresh lick of paint. I’m not sure what the cause was but there was a strong, unpleasant acrid smell (possibly burnt cheese) which was constant during our visit. I assume this was from the sandwich press but I couldn’t be sure.

I ordered the ranch burger (I’m not sure why it’s a “ranch” burger!) but unfortunately my gluten intolerant dining partner was unable to find anything on the menu he could eat. When questioned, staff were unable to suggest anything on the menu that was suitable.

My burger took nearly 30 minutes to arrive (26 minutes, I was timing) which in my opinion is too long to wait. I didn’t expect fast food, but a single course in a cafe should be much faster, plus I got the impression that other customers were waiting longer than expected for their food too. Ironically the motto at The Clock is “Let time stand still… while away the hours at the clock“!

The good news…

The good news is that the burger (when it arrived) looked substantial and well presented, with a good taste. The chunky fries being some of the best I’ve had in any restaurant. I had to ask for sauces, but that’s only a minor niggle. For ?6.95, the burger is well priced to compete with other gourmet burgers in Peterborough restaurants.
From what I could see from other diner’s plates, the food is (as it should be) a highlight of The Clock.

Like commenter Geoff below, I also was left trying to get the attention of staff to make payment but gave up and went to the counter – I can confirm they do now take card payments (sadly no free lunch for me!).

Like other local businesses, The Clock have recently been involved in a Groupon deal and I noticed a few diners using their discount vouchers so maybe this contributed to the delay in food service?


The Clock bills itself as a “fashionable bistro style restaurant” but in my opinion it’s no more than a smart looking cafe. Semantics aside, remember they have been open for little more than a week so problems such as the burnt smell and waiting times will hopefully be resolved. What they have got right is the quality of the food, so I can probably overlook the issues above.

For a good quality light lunch or a coffee and naughty slice of cake give The Clock a visit.