Peterborough jobs market looking healthy

Though the last twelve months have been particularly tough in pretty much every sector, the arrival of spring does seem to have brought with it a more optimistic outlook amongst economists. Whereas companies throughout the UK had adopted a policy of battening down the hatches in the closing months of 2011, the jobs market would appear to be turning a corner and there is hope that 2012 might not see the UK economy heading for a double dip recession as was previously feared. Continue reading “Peterborough jobs market looking healthy”

The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South

This review has been sat in my drafts folder for a while and it was only when the Evening Telegraph’s JPBaker mentioned he’d paid the Apple Cart a visit that I thought I should add my opinion into the mix.

To cut a long story short, I found the food at The Apple Cart pretty average (more on that below) but as the pub is brand new (albeit a chain pub operated by an established name in the hospitality industry) I decided to give it another try – three tries in total to be exact.

Since I originally penned (and drafted) this review I’ve also received a few comments from friends that have since eaten there. Going on their feedback, they also didn’t think much to the food but here are my thoughts… Continue reading “The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South”

Finding the best steak restaurant in Peterborough

This blog post comes with a meat warning – Not suitable for Vegetarians!

Lets face it, ordering a steak in a restaurant can sometimes seem a bit of a cop-out. You’ve gone over the menu three times and there’s nothing you really want, so with a sigh you choose the steak and as soon as the waitress brings you a razor-sharp serrated steak knife, you know the meat is going to be as tough as old boots. I’m a fan of great steak, but it’s very rarely I’ll order it from a restaurant because I can pretty much guarantee it will disappoint.

So why is it so difficult to get a good steak in Peterborough?? Is there a local restaurant worthy of being called a steakhouse?

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Review of Clarkes Restaurant

Taking advantage of a recent Groupon promotion, my wife and I headed to the new Clarkes Restaurant in Peterborough for a spot of lunch whilst out Christmas shopping.

Located on North Street on the edge of Westgate in the city centre, the smart front entrance to Clarkes faces onto Lincoln Road. It’s a shame there isn’t a menu on the outside of the building as passers-by would be interested to discover the food on offer.

Dining on a Groupon voucher is always a little awkward for the customer as it suggests you love a bargain you’re a bit of a cheapskate. It’s a great opportunity for restaurants (especially new ones like Clarkes) to show off to new customers, ensuring they go home and tell their friends about how good the experience was. Unfortunately our experience wasn’t as perfect as hoped… Continue reading “Review of Clarkes Restaurant”

Review: Margarets Tea Room, Peterborough

Guest review by Tia

Hidden out of the way on Wentworth Street (located on the previous premises for Misaki Japanese Noodle bar), is Margarets Tea Room, a charming little tearoom-come bistro. In the interests of discovering a new independent eating establishment, I took a cake-eating friend along for morning tea and cakes. Continue reading “Review: Margarets Tea Room, Peterborough”

Carluccios restaurant planned for Peterborough

Update – Carluccios Peterborough opening dates now announced!

After what seems like years of hints and rumours by organisations like Peterborough’s Growborough, the Evening Telegraph revealed this week that talks were well and truly under way to bring Carluccios Italian restaurant to Peterborough. According to reports, the restaurant chain will be occupying one of the exterior Queensgate units along Long Causeway (which is probably why Peterborough City Council want to re-landscape Long Causeway) which so far has been virtually untouched by the cafe culture sweeping the Peterborough.

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Review of The Queens Head, Nassington

Following up on Ben’s review last year of the Queens Head Inn in Nassington, my wife and I decided to pay the restaurant a visit for ourselves. Due to my own mistake, I managed to book our reservation for the wrong night but thanks to understanding staff we were able to get the reservation amended at short notice.

For a business slightly off the beaten track, the Queens Head seems to be doing a roaring trade with both locals and ‘outsiders’ (my term, not theirs) alike. Judging by the menu the chef is clearly keen to attract discerning diners from all over the region with a good selection of dishes all using great produce. Continue reading “Review of The Queens Head, Nassington”

Review of Clarkes Restaurant, Peterborough

Update: Click here to read my personal review of Clarkes restaurant

Well the title of this post is a bit misleading, as at the time of writing I’ve yet to eat at the new Clarkes restaurant in Peterborough. Instead, this is a bit of a pre-review and comment based on a recent review by the Evening Telegraph’s Nigel Thornton.

Headed up by chef-patron Lee Clarke, Clarkes certainly has the potential to be one of the best restaurants in Peterborough. We’ve seen the likes of Jim’s Beehive go from strength to strength (albeit with the closure of Jim’s Bistro) so there is hopefully a market in Peterborough for diners willing to pay a little bit more for a freshly cooked menu.

I’ve been following the progress of Clarkes on twitter and have been hearing nothing but good so far. In his review of Clarkes, Nigel rated the restaurant top marks of 10 out of 10 so there should be no question about the standard being set. My only issue with a top scoring review is that it doesn’t leave any room for improvement – where do you go from here?? Continue reading “Review of Clarkes Restaurant, Peterborough”