Google Street View spycars spotted in Peterborough

Looks like Google have finally found their way onto the mean streets of Peterborough and are currently snapping away, gathering information for their forthcoming Google Earth Street View.

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The infamous Google black car was spotted by Graphic Designer Steven Booth ( and posted to Twitter.

Due to launch this Spring, Street View will let you virtually navigate the streets through Google Earth and Google Maps. Until now, the nearest a Google Street View car has been sighted has been St Ives and Cambridge, but the photo shows that they’re not just covering the main routes but also residential areas.

There have been various campaigners in the US against this apparent invasion of privacy so who knows what will happen when the service actually goes live in the UK.

A logo for Peterborough

Seem’s that Opportunity Peterborough have commissioned a new brand for Peterborough, with a new logo being part of the result:


Personally, I’m not that convinced by the new logo. It’s a bit wishy washy (technical term) and “the future is you” is a godawful tag line, hardly inspiring and almost sounds like someone is passing the buck onto us as Peterborough residents.

Breaking the logo down into it’s relevant parts it becomes clear that:

  • “green” is at the centre of Peterborough (p)
  • Peterborough is a drab grey place to live/work/play
  • The colours behind the “p” represent all of the discarded lollipop sticks littering the city’s street.

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Find Love at Bannatyne’s Peterborough

It’s not uncommon for businesses to cash in on events like Valentines day. You know the kind of thing, florists reminding absent minded men to order a dozen roses or restaurants offering special menus for couples, but when I had an email from Bannatyne’s Health Club gym in Peterborough I was a bit unsure as to the message they were trying to get across…


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Fox and Hounds Peterborough closes

I’ve just spotted a story on the Evening Telegraph’s website on the Fox and Hounds closing following it’s recent change in ownership.

Last I heard was that it had improved recently too so it’s a shame that they’ve had to close the doors. Hopefully it’s just a temporary setback and nothing to do with my last post on the Fox and Hounds Longthorpe pub…

Have a crafty Christmas

This year, why not add the personal touch to cards and gifts by making them yoursel?

Peterborough-based craft warehouse Pondskipper Crafts have everything you need to put together some great looking gifts. Ok, they don’t have everything – you need some degree of creativity in your blood but apart from that Pondskipper have it all!

If someone you know has a new addition to their family, why not make them a great scrapbook or photo album?? For the entrepreneurs amongst you, why not make several cards and approach local shops to stock them?

Now is the time to stock up on all your craft supplies though as Pondskipper are currently running a 15% off discount throughout December, and what use are Christmas cards in January anyway?

Peterborough Council did wheelie well

Tuesdays are bin days down our street. That means dragging a wheelie bin out onto the pavement for a team of crack refuse commandos to speedily empty and return it back in front of the house for us to wheel away for another fortnight (no weekly bin collections for us – well, we alternate between general waste and recycled waste) at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

That evening we got home from work only to discover we were a bin down. Panic!? It’s dark and maybe our bin has been accidentally wheeled into a neighbour’s front garden in our absense but come a quick recce the following morning there’s no green bin in sight. We’ve been the victim of wheelie bin THEFT!

No doubt the bin has been binnapped by a hardcore gang of refuse receptacle traffickers and will soon be found pimped out on the streets of Bulgaria.

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Peterborough gets another KFC

KFC’s a funny one. It’s always been in the shadow of the golden arches and on the High Street at least, is also overshadowed by Burger King but it’s on the retail parks that KFC earns it’s chicken wings.

Peterborough’s always lacked a serious KFC restaurant. Ok so it’s had the London Road restaurant for as long as I can remember and it’s starting to show it’s age with a horrendous car park and poor location for most of Peterborough.
More recently we had the KFC built on the outskirts of a land refil site, so on a good day you get a lovely ripe smell of decomposing whatever filling your nostrils. And that’s just from the restaurant kitchen… sorry, I had to get a joke in there somewhere – I actually don’t mind KFC restaurants and have even partaken in the odd mystery shopper experience there.

Oh, there’s also the Xtra services restaurant on the A1/A605 which has the misfortune of being on the site of one of the most depressing motorway service stations I’ve ever been too.

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