Peterborough is unsafe at night

That’s if you believe what you read in local newspapers that is. To those thousands that travel into the city centre each weekend after hours, have a bite to eat and a bit to drink then maybe a dance and a kebab home, Peterborough is a pretty decent place.

Ok it’s no bustling metropolitan city like Manchester or Birmingham, but really who wants it to be? I personally don’t. Peterborough’s “that place” where people go to get their passport at the last minute. They didn’t know it existed before and they’ll probably forget again until they need another passport in 10 years time.

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Edoya Noodle Bar Review

On a busy Saturday afternoon in the middle of Peterborough city centre, where the order of the day is a greasy burger and people just a few doors down are queuing into the street to get a “French” sandwich and a cup of tea, I’m sitting with the girlfriend in a bustling Edoya hidden away down Wentworth Street.

I’ve blogged about this Japanese noodle bar and sushi restaurant before but this time I managed to tear myself away from the food just long enough to take a photo of my meal so that I can share it with all of you.

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Peterborough Pizza Express Review

Pizza Express Peterborough ReviewSince I didn’t receive my invitation to the opening night of Peterborough’s newest premium pizza and pasta restaurant, I didn’t get the opportunity to rub shoulders with the restaurants President, Peter Boizot MBE. The only way I could shrug off that disappointment was to visit Pizza Express last Friday with mattysmash to sample the menu before heading into town for a few jars with some work colleagues.

It was quite early on a Friday night (6pm) but the restaurant was already quite busy with families so it was slightly noisier which was to be expected (parents – can you please teach your children to use their indoor voices when in Peterborough pizza restaurants?).

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Tuesday Night is Spice Night

While all the other Indian restaurants in town are empty mid week, Peterborough’s Royal Spice at the Westgate end of Park Road is doing a roaring trade to a packed restaurant week after week.

I don’t think it’s any secret how they manage it either – good service, great food and oh, on a Tuesday you get a full meal for just a tenner. Poppadom, starter, side dish, main and rice (or Naan) for only ?10.

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Pizza Express finally opens in Peterborough!

Peterborough Pizza ExpressPeterborough’s branch of the Pizza Express restaurant has finally opened it’s doors to the public with a line up of local glitterati in full attendance.

Opened by the man who originally founded the chain, Peterborough’s own Peter Boizot, the 90 seater restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to the towns line-up of existing Pizza restaurants. Various city councillors, Peterborough United players and the usual Peterborough businessmen and ESP girls also turned up for a (pizza) slice of the action.

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McDonalds test your willpower

As thousands (if not millions) of people spent the last week or so stuffing their faces with tins of Roses and Quality Street, January 1st marks the start of more diets than any other time of the year.

It’s no co-incidence then that McDonalds have chosen this time to launch their latest Big Mac BOGOF promotion, cunningly titled “perfect for sharing”.

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The Banyan Tree Website

I’ve mentioned The Banyan Tree earlier on this blog, but for new readers all you need to know is that it’s the best Indian restaurant in Peterborough. Next to the Cock Inn in Werrington to be precise.

Their new website is now live and at a glance is one of the best websites I’ve seen for a restaurant – well, would you expect anything less from the Banyan Tree?

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Edoya Noodle Bar Peterborough

We fancied a quick bite to eat before going to see Beverley Knight (and the fantastic Cherry BlackStone) at the Broadway Theatre last night so took a wander down Wentworth Street to the Edoya Noodle Bar.

At the risk of sounding like a reviewing food critic, it was so nice in there I couldn’t help but post a comment.

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