Pizza Express finally opens in Peterborough!

Peterborough Pizza ExpressPeterborough’s branch of the Pizza Express restaurant has finally opened it’s doors to the public with a line up of local glitterati in full attendance.

Opened by the man who originally founded the chain, Peterborough’s own Peter Boizot, the 90 seater restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to the towns line-up of existing Pizza restaurants. Various city councillors, Peterborough United players and the usual Peterborough businessmen and ESP girls also turned up for a (pizza) slice of the action.

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Pizza Express Peterborough

Coals to Newcastle springs to mind when hearing that another pizza restaurant is due to open in the city but this time the company moving into the old Burger King building at 8a Cathedral Square is none other than Pizza Express.

Founded in the sixties by The King’s School old boy Peter Boizot, Pizza Express has evaded Peterborough until now (although I seem to recall seeing some kind of pizza restaurant on the opposite side of Cathedral Square years ago..)

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The Banyan Tree Peterborough

It’s not often I’m truly ecstatic about a restaurant. There’s something about handing over a fistful of twenties when you’ve just stuffed a plate of rice and curry down your neck that just doesn’t make sense when every other show on TV is about making full use of your own kitchen.

So it’s with great surprise (to me at least) that I find myself recommending The Banyan Tree in Peterborough (Werrington). I visited the restaurant mid-week for a family birthday (mine!) and we had an absolutely fantastic time. Words really do not do this restaurant justice.

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Nargis Kebab

A few weeks ago I happened across a delicacy that had previously evaded me from my usual Indian restaurant visits. The more I read about it the more I found myself wanting to try it, you know how it is.

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