About this blog…

So what’s all this about?

I’m a freelance web developer in Peterborough (UK) and a keen (touring) cyclist. I also have a number of personal projects in the pipeline, none of which I can tell you about just yet… I found I was submitting the occasional blog post on various other sites and decided it was about time I sorted myself out with a personal blog.

The site doesn’t have any planned direction but was originally intended as a platform to blog about new and/or exciting developments in the world of the automotive aftermarket. As that industry is pretty slow moving I started blogging more about local (Peterborough) issues… mainly roadworks.

These days it’s about as random as it can get, with posts about pots of car wax rubbing shoulders with chocolatiers and restaurant reviews. Since I’ve mentioned the restaurant reviews I should probably make it clear that I do not get paid to review each business. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like to be paid to eat (because I would) so if and when that time comes, I’ll make it clear in the review. I may however receive advertising income from blog ads and links on this site.

I hope you either enjoy reading my site or take pity on me. Either way, it should leave a warm feeling inside or a bitter taste in your mouth.


Not many people can say they enjoy their work these days but I am one of the fortunate few and love being a web developer. I trade under the business name “GattoNero” (it mean’s “black cat” in Italian, in case you were wondering).
I provide discrete white-label development services to other design agencies and also take on personal projects; If you have a skills shortage or are looking for web design in Peterborough, please get in touch.
I am slowly getting around to adding content to the GattoNero website but for now paid work takes priority.

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