Stoneworks Bar, Peterborough

A pub with a whiteboard for a back bar, a scattering of mis-matched furniture and an old safe in the middle of the room. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some kind of bootleggers pub during prohibition but no, this is in fact Peterborough city centre’s latest drinking establishment. And it’s bloomin’ good!

At the risk of over squeezing the hipster fruit, the Stoneworks in Cathedral Square is honest about not trying too hard.

As a new venue from the savvy folk behind Bexar’s County Brewery (and the new Bumble Inn micropub on Westgate), they’ve stuck to what they do best and that’s beer. The interior can come later (it’s currently a work-in-progress) when they decide what they want to do and for all it’s quirkiness, I think it’s fantastic.

Instead of being presented with an array of beer pumps and a back bar with neatly stacked spirits, you get a whiteboard scrawled with details of spirits and wines. Barrelled ales (sorry, we call it craft beer these days) are labelled on planks of blackboard and if you’d like a bottle or can then you’ll need to consult the paper list tucked into an A4 plastic wallet.

There’s no typical, pedestrian, mass-market beer on offer here either with names such as Biological Speculation, Suspect Device and A Lemon Tree My Dear Watson for the adventurous ale drinker to explore.

In my opinion this is the venue Peterborough’s city centre pub scene has been crying out for, away from the chain pubs and bars. There’s no food, no 20-minute wait to be served because the person next to you has ordered a milk cocktail and no pretence. Instead, the Stoneworks is simply a place to enjoy a beer with friends.

Find the Stoneworks in Cathedral Square at 8a Church St, next to Bill’s restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Stoneworks Bar, Peterborough”

  1. Barrelled ales?? Theres not a single ‘barrelled ale’ in that pub. It’s all key-keg beer. Also, the Bimble Inn has nothing to do with the Stoneworks. The Bimble is the project by Tom from the Coalheavers. Lastly, this pub is the third of its kind after the Ostrich Inn and then Bimble Inn with respects to not being chain, not serving food, avoiding complicated cocktails and being removed from mass market beer. In fact, a lot of the beer on offer in the Stoneworks is mass marketed beer with the craft ale sector. I suggest a re-write with more accuracy.

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