It looks like the prize of Peterborough’s Best Burger has finally been won – before the “winner” has even opened their new restaurant!

After a couple of years of hassling nagging Handmade Burger Co. on twitter and email, even going as far as selling Peterborough to their openings team, it’s finally happening and we’re finally getting a gourmet burger restaurant in the City. Handmade Burger are arguably one of the best burger chains in the UK so their arrival is very welcome.

Opening in what was The Old Still pub and tucked away between Queensgate and Westgate Arcade, the new restaurant looks like it will be styled in the current industrial trend of exposed ceilings and suspended lighting, retaining several of the building’s existing features such as fireplaces, internal wall finishes and timber panelling.

Until now the only other burger options were sad offerings from McDonalds, Burger King or the Cathedral Square Diner so let there be no mistake, this is not “another fast food” outlet. Handmade Burger falls very much into the gourmet burger category, something that has been sorely missing from Peterborough.

Handmade Burger pride themselves on using fresh produce and as the name would suggest, the burgers are hand-made in each restaurant.

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