When a passer-by spotted a “body” hanging from a billboard on Mayor’s Walk in Peterborough their first instinct was to call the emergency services.

Little did they know that the body was actually a sculpture created as part of the Peterborough ‘Metal Billboard’ project by arts organisation Metal.

Metal billboard sans body
Metal billboard sans body

Created by artist Laura Keeble,? the striking sculpture titled “What’s an artist worthis was designed to provoke discussion into recent government cuts to arts and creative industries.

The billboard featuring a spraypainter is signed “Laura Keeble & Mark Grist, artist vs educator & poet” – Mark Grist being former Peterborough poet laureate, rapper and ex-English teacher.

Sadly the installation near the fire station on Bourges Boulevard only lasted for around two hours before a number of emergency vehicles arrived on the scene.

Luckily Laura was in the area and managed to capture the dramatic rescue on camera. After seeing the “body” being taken away in an ambulance Laura suggested that it was now “either in a cell or at a hospital!”.

With the body looking as lifelike as this it’s easy to see why it caused such concern:

Metal Billboard body
The making of the “body”

Fellow artist and contributor to Metal Billboard, Lee Mason tweeted:

The Metal Billboard project has been commissioned to run throughout September, coinciding with Peterborough Arts Festival and has the aim of turning the city into an exciting outdoor public gallery to stimulate reflection and conversation. Laura’s work has certainly done that and in such a dramatic style too!? Lets hope Metal keep up this momentum and continue their efforts.

Find out more about Metal Billboard and Meta at http://www.metalculture.com/projects/indie-vision/

– photos courtesy of Laura Keeble, laurakeeble.com

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