Cycle parking now included on Long Causeway plans

In what appears to be a small victory for campaigners, Peterborough City Council has now revised plans for Long Causeway in the City Centre to now include cycle parking – previously omitted from proposed development works.

The response I received from the council:

Revised Long Causeway Public Realm Improvement Scheme

Thank you for your comments made on the draft Long Causeway Public Realm Improvement Scheme, and cycle parking facilities. Consultation closed on 20 December. We received a number of similar comments seeking the retention of cycle parking in Long Causeway.

The draft scheme proposed to removal cycle parking as part of simplifying the layout and creating a stronger open character, with the aim of providing parking nearby in Midgate, Broadway and Laxton Square. The Council has considered all the comments received and revisions have been made to the draft scheme, including the retention of cycle parking facilities. I have attached a plan (PDF) of the revised scheme for your information.

The revised scheme will see an increase the amount of cycle parking from 24 ?Sheffield? type stands (48 spaces) to 29 stands (58 spaces). We propose to install two new style covered parking shelters (the type installed last year at the end of Cowgate) in the vicinity of Boots / Halifax Bank. Cycle parking is most in demand here area and providing more weather protection is appropriate. ?In addition, we will look to increase cycle parking in Midgate and Laxton Square (Cattle Market Road end) in future work.

Another change is that we will repeat the height differential between the footway and the carriageway so that the layout is fully inclusive. It had been proposed to provide a level surface throughout, to create a stronger pedestrian environment. However, in discussions with the Peterborough Disability Forum and others the demarcation is considered to be an important reference point for blind and partially sighted persons. Also, during the consultation period a guidance note,??Access for Blind People in Towns??produced by the National Federation of the Blind of the UK was published. This provides guidance on designing shared space schemes from the point of view of blind or partially sighted people, and retaining the demarcation is consistent with this guidance. The guidance supplements Department for Transport guidance on the same issue.

The central area will continue to be at the same level across the width of the street and the trafficked section edged with ?tramlines? of raised ?corduroy? paving (the same profile paving used alongside St Johns Church in Church Street) to provide an indication to blind and partially sighted persons of the carriageway. There will be a short ramp from the carriageway to the central area, the same as the current ramp to Cathedral Square.

Revised Long Causeway Public Realm Scheme3.1.2014?(PDF)

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