Update: After some conflicting reports from several sources, not helped by Imperial Bento seemingly unwilling to comment it turns out that the popular restaurant is only closing for refurbishment and will reopen to business as usual but having dropped Dim Sum from the menu.

Twitter user Aileen (@aileencheng58) has kindly let me use a photo she took of a notice Imperial Bento had hastily put up in their window:

With local press and social media reporting the closure of any business it’s important for management to ensure any statements are made promptly and that they are accurate. It seems in this case that staff were either unwilling to answer questions on the presumed permanent closure or were misinformed, giving out incorrect information.

This is great news for those that enjoy Imperial Bento and I look forward to visiting them again when they reopen later this month.

I’ve heard on the twitter grape vine courtesy of @journocameron that Imperial Bento Chinese restaurant on Broadway, Peterborough is to close for good.

The last day of trading for the well-known Chinese restaurant is Sunday 2nd of June putting another chopstick-sized nail in the coffin for Peterborough’s independent restaurant scene. The silver lining to this cloud is that Imperial Bento at Thorney Toll will remain open with business as usual.

Imperial Bento’s departure from the city centre follows the loss of several other independent Asian restaurants over the past few years: Edoya/Misaki, Yin Dee, Joy Wah and Malayba.

When speaking with other foodies about what restaurants they would like to see in Peterborough, Wagamama’s is normally near the top of the list so why are independent Asian restaurants struggling?? It’s easy to point the finger at the cost of business rates and could/should more be done to promote the independents over chains like Carluccio’s?

So with “Bento’s” gone, my tip for great Asian cuisine is the East barge on the Nene by the Town Bridge or for a more Thai-centric menu, The Brewery Tap.

(Photo used with permission of @EatPeterborough)

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  1. To be honest, Imperial Bento will not be much of a loss. Neither the food nor the interior nor (some of) the customers were that appealing.

    Perhaps the reason why East and The Brewery Tap prosper is because they are much more ‘aspirational’ places offering a better quality service and food?

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