Imperial Bento Chinese restaurant to close. Update: For refurbishment

Update: After some conflicting reports from several sources, not helped by Imperial Bento seemingly unwilling to comment it turns out that the popular restaurant is only closing for refurbishment and will reopen to business as usual but having dropped Dim Sum from the menu.

Twitter user Aileen (@aileencheng58) has kindly let me use a photo she took of a notice Imperial Bento had hastily put up in their window:

With local press and social media reporting the closure of any business it’s important for management to ensure any statements are made promptly and that they are accurate. It seems in this case that staff were either unwilling to answer questions on the presumed permanent closure or were misinformed, giving out incorrect information.

This is great news for those that enjoy Imperial Bento and I look forward to visiting them again when they reopen later this month.

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Tasting the Cafe Clarkes menu

After some polite pestering, Lee Clarke, head chef at Clarkes restaurant kindly invited me to sample some of the menu at the newly opened Caf? Clarkes restaurant at the Key Theatre in Peterborough. Rarely will I refuse a free lunch so I braved the rain and headed along to the Embankment.

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Pop-up Peru in Peterborough

by guest reviewer Nyree (@eerynnyree)

A few weeks ago, while procrastinating on Facebook, I saw a post about a new pop-up Peruvian restaurant in Peterborough. With a brother living in Peru?s bustling capital Lima, and having just returned from two weeks there myself, it caught my eye.

I booked for the first pop-up Peru evening on 9th May. The venue was Club Caliente at Parnwell Centre, an unusual choice but it actually worked well on the night with plenty of space to accommodate all attendees. The Peruvian music and decorations helped create the right atmosphere. Continue reading “Pop-up Peru in Peterborough”