Take him away from the Greek!

By Anna Ruggiero

Now, I?m not given to writing negative reviews, mainly because normally the main revenue of a publication is advertising and we all know the importance of keeping them sickly sweet, however, on this occasion, I am freely allowed to express my utter distaste for a certain eatery in town.

Salamis on Broadway has been described by some on Trip Advisor as a ?Greek gem in the heart of the city?. Putting my cynical hat on, I can only imagine that these reviews were written by friends or family of the owners. If you look carefully you will find further reviews saying ?avoid? ?don?t do it? and ?total waste of money? and these are the ones I would listen to.

Turning up on a Friday night for a romantic dinner with Mr Boyfriend, I was excited, relaxed and in the mood for some delicious food, good wine and ambient atmosphere. What I actually got was a table next to a big party of 10, dire food and so-so wine.

…and all this to the backdrop of a belly dancer gyrating to some sort of Greek techno

Gazing over the menu, I felt some-what uninspired by my options so I decided to go for the mezze which for those that don?t know, is a selection of small Mediterranean dishes. What I actually got was dish after dish of rubbery fried food and all for just ?18 a head. The only dish I can say I honestly enjoyed was the grilled prawns. There were two, I had one. ?18 for a nice prawn.

I actually felt so disgusted by the food, I just wanted it to be removed from the table so I didn?t have to look or be in the company of it, a minute longer and all this to the backdrop of a belly dancer gyrating to some sort of Greek techno.

The night was to be a treat by Mr Boyfriend but there was no way on earth I was going to let him part with ?50, we went double Dutch.

To get over the shock, we asked for two Ouzos and I was totally dismayed that they charged us a further ?8. Maybe the likes of the Taj Mahal have spoilt me, but they could clearly see we had hardly touched our food; surely a complimentary drink would have at least softened the blow?

Needless to say, I will not be going back, except maybe to post this review through the letterbox.


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