In a twitter-scoop by local journalism student Cameron Todd (@cameronEtodd), I’ve learned that pretzel chain Auntie Anne’s is coming to Peterborough, opening a franchise store in Queensgate.

I have to admit, I’d never heard of Auntie Anne’s before and my only experience of a pretzel is those tiny, salty, hard baked awful snacks you get passed around at Christmas time. Well Auntie Anne’s is nothing like that (thankfully). If you still have no idea what a pretzel is then take a look at the Wikipedia article (it saves me copying and pasting in content like a lazy journalist).

Probably the closest we’ll get to “proper” pretzels here in Peterborough, Auntie Anne’s also has a few bizarre creations on it’s menu such as Pepperoni and Jalapeno, as well as Pretzel Dogs (yes, really).

‘Auntie Anne’s pretzels’ by roboppy (

I’m not sure of the format of this new eating establishment, so it could be anything from another cafe/coffeshop outfit to another street-vendor cluttering the walkways of Queensgate. Incidentally, Queensgate are also hiring for crew members to join Auntie Anne’s.

When I hear more I’ll try and update the blog as soon as humanly possible but for more info on Auntie Anne’s go to

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