After the rumours and the wait, 37Signals’ online Project Management application Basecamp has been relaunched in an all-new fashion for 2012. Called “New Basecamp” (as opposed to Basecamp Classic), the new version was also known as Basecamp Next and is being touted as a separate product to Basecamp Classic.

The main difference for me is the completely revamped UI which regular users of Basecamp will also appreciate. Classic has been getting on a bit and is seeing competition in the cloud project management arena with Wunderkinder’s Wunderkit amongst others so 37Signals have been under increased pressure to add a lick of paint.

I’m not yet sure if a split in the product offering is a good one, with New Basecamp currently free to try for 90 days. I’ll give it a go but if the cost increase is considerably more for no real obvious feature benefits then I’ll probably stick with Classic.

Still it’s early days so lets see where New Basecamp goes. I plan to update this post as and when I come across something on Basecamp that I want to share.

Do you use Basecamp or any other cloud based software to organise your projects and/or life?? If so, what and why?? Tell me below in the comments!


I’m on the “basic” plan with Basecamp Classic but cunningly I get upgraded for “free” to New Basecamp’s 10 project plan for no additional cost. The downside is that I’m limited to 10 projects where I currently enjoy 15 projects. Not a great deal in the grand scheme of things but it’s nice to have a bit more flexibility in what projects I archive or put on hold. As a freelancer I’ve often got several projects in various states of activity at any one time so for me, 15 is a good number.
The next plan up on New Basecamp is 40-project plan for $30 a month, so $7 more but a whole load more room. I’d rather not spend any more money but in the grand scheme of things it’s about the same cost as a coffee shop latte and half a sandwich.

For now, I’m cautiously creating projects in New Basecamp as they cannot be migrated back to Classic (there is an import to go from Classic to New). I’m happy with Classic, but New is prettier. Still, it’s early days.

Since posting the above, I’ve also come across Courtenay Elizabeth’s post which raises similar concerns about the Basecamp New pricing strategy

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