New Basecamp vs Basecamp Classic

After the rumours and the wait, 37Signals’ online Project Management application Basecamp has been relaunched in an all-new fashion for 2012. Called “New Basecamp” (as opposed to Basecamp Classic), the new version was also known as Basecamp Next and is being touted as a separate product to Basecamp Classic.

The main difference for me is the completely revamped UI which regular users of Basecamp will also appreciate. Classic has been getting on a bit and is seeing competition in the cloud project management arena with Wunderkinder’s Wunderkit amongst others so 37Signals have been under increased pressure to add a lick of paint.

I’m not yet sure if a split in the product offering is a good one, with New Basecamp currently free to try for 90 days. I’ll give it a go but if the cost increase is considerably more for no real obvious feature benefits then I’ll probably stick with Classic. Continue reading “New Basecamp vs Basecamp Classic”

The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South

This review has been sat in my drafts folder for a while and it was only when the Evening Telegraph’s JPBaker mentioned he’d paid the Apple Cart a visit that I thought I should add my opinion into the mix.

To cut a long story short, I found the food at The Apple Cart pretty average (more on that below) but as the pub is brand new (albeit a chain pub operated by an established name in the hospitality industry) I decided to give it another try – three tries in total to be exact.

Since I originally penned (and drafted) this review I’ve also received a few comments from friends that have since eaten there. Going on their feedback, they also didn’t think much to the food but here are my thoughts… Continue reading “The Apple Cart pub, Cardea, Stanground South”