Conrad Jones Soft Target series order

Since getting the Kindle app on my Android phone I’ve bought more books in the past year than the past ten combined, many of them at a discounted price.

I’m not sure how this works out for authors, but it means that I’ve found books by authors I’d have otherwise never come across… like Conrad Jones.

The one thing that frustrates me with the Amazon Kindle store is that there’s no way to subscribe to a specific author. When reading books that are part of a series, there’s no way to find and buy the next book in the series (assuming you like to read the books in order as the author intended!). So this post will serve as a reminder to me as I work my way through Conrad Jones’s series Soft Target.

  1. Soft Target
  2. Soft Target II Tank
  3. Soft Target III Jerusalem
  4. The 18th Brigade, drugs war
  5. Blister
  6. The Child Taker
  7. Slow Burn Rape and revenge
  8. Nine Angels

Hopefully this list has helped others too – if it has, let me know in the comments section below.

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