Carluccios restaurant planned for Peterborough

Update – Carluccios Peterborough opening dates now announced!

After what seems like years of hints and rumours by organisations like Peterborough’s Growborough, the Evening Telegraph revealed this week that talks were well and truly under way to bring Carluccios Italian restaurant to Peterborough. According to reports, the restaurant chain will be occupying one of the exterior Queensgate units along Long Causeway (which is probably why Peterborough City Council want to re-landscape Long Causeway) which so far has been virtually untouched by the cafe culture sweeping the Peterborough.

A Carluccios restaurant

My one concern would be how Carluccio’s view of Cathedral Square will be obstructed by the “Cathedral Square Diner” burger van. I’m not sure how many customers would appreciate the smelly of greasy onions whilst tucking into their Fettucce con Polpette!

Impact on other restaurants

Having a Carluccio’s restaurant in Peterborough ticks another box on the list of chain restaurants missing from Peterborough, but at what cost to other businesses?? I enjoy eating at Carluccio’s when in other cities so I would like to see Carluccio’s open a restaurant here.

That said, Peterborough already has some great established Italian restaurants, some with a long history in Peterborough. In the city centre we have Topo Gigio’s and the Pizza House both on Cowgate, Fratelli Tavolacalda in Rivergate and Riva by the Key Theatre overlooking the Embankment.
Beyond the city centre is Mattoni in Hampton, I Toscanini in Eye and Fratelli’s in Castor – all well worth a visit if you don’t fancy a visit into the centre of Peterborough.

Having grown up with Italian cuisine, I often forget that some people might not be as familiar with a menu in Italian restaurants so a chain like Carluccio’s helps to raise awareness and encourage diners to venture beyond a “spag bol”. My hope is that once people have tried Carluccio’s they won’t forget the other restaurants that have been feeding us for years.

So why is the city centre filling up with chains like Pizza Express, Nandos and now Carluccio’s? Are Cathedral Square / Queensgate locations too expensive for independent restaurateurs, forcing them out to quieter sites whilst the chains snap up the prominent units?

What are your thoughts?? Which is your favourite Italian restaurant in Peterborough?? Are you a fan of Carluccio’s?? As always, please leave your comments in the box below 🙂



(Photo courtesy of Ewan M)

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  1. Never heard of them, not sure we would need another Italian restaurant but if it is a high quality establishment coming to Peterborough then that has to a plus!

    Talking of Plus are you Google plus?

  2. Cheers Iain, don’t forget Peterborough has had more Italian restaurants in the city centre but some have now closed. So Carluccios is just readdressing the balance 🙂 I’m surprised you’ve not seen one before though, they seem to be in just about every other city or town across the country, just not Peterborough!

  3. I would LOVE to see Carluccio’s come to Peterborough. Ever since Gaston closed we have been one decent restaurant down. And while you’re at it, couldn’t you outlaw the awful Diner and the other fast food outlet? Years ago long before work even started on the new Cathedral Square project, we were promised a new Italian restaurant which would be the hub of the square.; then we got palmed off with this awful Diner!

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