Review of The Queens Head, Nassington

Following up on Ben’s review last year of the Queens Head Inn in Nassington, my wife and I decided to pay the restaurant a visit for ourselves. Due to my own mistake, I managed to book our reservation for the wrong night but thanks to understanding staff we were able to get the reservation amended at short notice.

For a business slightly off the beaten track, the Queens Head seems to be doing a roaring trade with both locals and ‘outsiders’ (my term, not theirs) alike. Judging by the menu the chef is clearly keen to attract discerning diners from all over the region with a good selection of dishes all using great produce.Because of the previously mentioned error in booking, we waited in the cosy bar area with drinks and browsed the menu at leisure before ordering our food. I chose a seared wood pigeon and blackberry salad to start followed by rib eye steak and my wife chose pate de campagne with braised beef for her main.

Settling into our seats we were offered a slice of warm bread – hardly ground breaking, but it was nice bread (I’m presuming home made). Almost immediately after our starters arrived (as we had ordered them previously) and were very good. Presentation was impeccable and both dishes delivered on taste.
I’m not a fan of pate but my wife said it was very good but needed more of the spiced toast to accompany it. My wood pigeon salad was delicious and a light start before my next course of steak.

On to the main course and the braised beef was served in a small copper pan with a generous helping of pomme puree on the side. Enough about that dish though as my steak was fantastic and the main reason why I wanted to try the Queens Head!? Having eaten some extremely good steak in America a while ago I’ve been keen to find somewhere local than could come even close, and now I think I’ve found that in the Queens Head.

The menu makes a special reference to the type of grill used at the restaurant – a Josper grill. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care what brand the oven is, but when the results are this good I can see why they’re keen to promote it. My rib eye steak was cooked exactly to requirements: wonderfully char grilled on the outside and medium in the middle. ?? There were a selection of sauces on offer but they’re normally needed in restaurants that can’t cook steak. At the Queens Head just let the steak flavour come through!? I had heard they once offered an Argentinian chimichurri sauce but sadly the waitress said it was no longer available (not that it would have taken much for someone in the kitchen to make it up to order).
I spied a sign advertising Wednesday night as steak night, so I think I will be back mid-week!

Because the previous two courses were so good, the desserts had a lot to live up to but I think they fell just short of the mark. We ordered a chocolate fondant and a lime panna cotta. The interior of the fondant was more liquid sauce than gooey chocolate and the panna cotta was set slightly too much so lacked creaminess. Flavour of both desserts was good, but they lacked on texture.

In all we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal at the Queens Head and think it would be a great place to visit with family. On warmer days the beer garden would be fantastic as it opens out directly onto the river.

Contact details

The Queens Head Inn
Station Road, Nassington, Peterborough PE8 6QB
Telephone: 01780 784006


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  1. Hi

    Many thanks for the review of Queens Head & we are pleased that you enjoyed the experience. Judging by the comments in the reviews you are clearly someone who enjoys good steaks and I just wanted to let you know that on our next menu – hopefully in Dec but definitely by January – we intend to start to feature USDA grain feed steaks as well as some Wagyu steaks – and whilst these will be a ittle more expensive – they really are steaks to die for! Hopefully you’ll be willing to come back and tell people about it?

  2. Was at the Queens Head last night for a small birthday celebration.
    In our party of 8, 3 had the USDA and 4 had the Wagyu beef all cooked in the Josper. The flavours and quality of the meet was exceptional and better than others I have paid considerably more for in London restaurants.
    The service is wonderful and friendly.
    I will most definitely re-visit.

  3. We went on steak Wednesday specifically to go and try the wagyu steak. Sadly we left before getting to try it because despite having sat in the bar for an hour we were still waiting for our order to be taken! I’m sure the food would be excellent for those that actually get to taste it, sadly we went for dinner and did not want to stay until breakfast!

  4. Had a fairly poor experience at The Queens Head this past weekend, which was in stark contrast to my previous visit, which would have been around the time of this review. I would be curious to know if any recent visitors can comment on a drop in quality recently?

    Anyway, as for my experience I won’t go into specifics, but as a summary:

    Not sure if they are under different management, but the popular pricing structure, where they offered 2 courses for ?x, has been discarded. This wouldn’t be an issue, but the prices for meals seems very disproportionate to the quality and quantity of what you get.

    The service we received was acceptable, but when we raised concerns, on the quality/taste and the quantity of some of the dishes, it was indifferent, and essentially of the ‘hitting a brick wall’ variety.

    This was a shame. If you are going to raise your prices, then you probably should raise your customer service levels proportionally. I am aware the customer is not always right, but a bit of a compromise never hurt when addressing their concerns. As it is, I doubt I will be rushing back at any point.

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