SubXpress Peterborough and the Nacho Pizza

Sub Xpress have been my preferred pizza delivery company in Peterborough for about a year now, after some pretty bad experiences with the usual chain/franchise pizza brands. Even though they’ve just celebrated ten years of business, Sub Xpress are probably the least-known of all the proper pizzerias which is a real shame as the pizzas are really good. So when I heard this week that they’d launched a nacho pizza (yes, a pizza topped with nacho tortilla chips!) I feared that it was just a gimmick and would do their brand more harm than good.

I raised my concerns over this to Sub Xpress via their twitter account (@subxpress) and cheekily suggested that I would be happy to put their new pizza through it’s paces. To my delight, Sub Xpress boss Vince invited me down to their restaurant in Serpentine Green’s food court to get my reaction first hand. So in the interests of pizza tasting I headed over with a colleague to find out if the new nacho pizza was worthy of going on the menu.

First impressions were good and as you can see from the photo, the nacho pizza manages to looks appetising – at least I think it does!
Starting with their signature pizza base and tomato sauce, the pizza is then topped with mozzarella cheese, jalapeno chillis, the all important nachos and finally a healthy drizzle of chilli sauce.

Down to the all important taste test… and hang on, this thing actually tastes good! My brain is telling me that putting crisps on a pizza is wrong but my tastebuds are saying otherwise. The saltiness of the warm, slightly chewy nachos works perfectly with the rest of the pizza – the tang of chilli sauce and slight vinegariness of the jalapenos. I’m over analysing it now, but I suppose the nachos are doing the same job as pepperoni normally does, adding the salty taste that normally gets you craving a pizza.
Also, good news for vegetarians is that the nacho pizza is meat free!

The chilli sauce and jalapenos combined give a mild spice kick, but certainly nothing to worry about if you’re chilli intolerant. If you like your food hot and spicy, this isn’t going to register on any Scoville scale but I think you’ll still enjoy the pizza regardless (just add your own Fire Foods Infinity sauce to up the heat levels!).

I was feeling generous so shared the pizza with others in the office and the response was overwhelmingly in favour of the nacho pizza. Would I buy the nacho pizza again? Yes, but only on special occasions such as when ordering for a group of people. On it’s own I think the nacho pizza would be too intense and you would need a bit of variety, plus I’m a fan of the Sub Xpress pepperoni pizza so ordering the nacho would be depriving me of the pepperoni! So the obvious answer is to order the nacho and ANOTHER pizza as an accompaniment!

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Tel: 01733 892211
Address: Serpentine Green, Hampton, Peterborough

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