Sundays restaurant, Peterborough

By guest reviewer PeterboroughCritic

Whilst in Queensgate last week I found myself pressed for time and not suitably dressed for the rain outside, yet I needed to get lunch from somewhere. I decided to put the feelers out on Twitter for suitable food outlets and Sundays Restaurant on Cumbergate was one of the suggestions that came through.

Sundays is a small cafe-style restaurant/take out with plenty of seating both in and out which looked to be kept immaculately clean!?? The theme of Sundays is, as you may have guessed is Sunday dinners and the restaurant offers various roast dinners or roast meat filled rolls. I was served by a polite young man who was friendly & made small talk whilst deciding what I wanted. I opted for a medium roast beef roll at a reasonable ?3.50 (the roll had plenty of filling!).

I would definitely recommend Sundays restaurant in Peterborough if you are looking for a good quality roast dinner or even quick snack with a bit of a difference, in a friendly atmosphere and a lot of choice!?? My tip – try the roast beef roll you won’t regret it!

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