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If you’re one of the many people in Peterborough that work in an office on a business park, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the daily question of where to buy your lunch. Of course you could bring your own lunch from home, but where’s the fun in that?

Those in the city centre have it easy with just about any cuisine on the doorstep, but for those at Lynch Wood, Orton Southgate, Fengate, etc. it’s usually a case of waiting for one of the food vans to rock up outside. Then queuing, choosing a sandwich, finding you’ve left your wallet at home… thankfully that’s all set to change with the arrival of Snacks Away.

Order lunch online

This isn't all for me!

The concept is painfully simple, making you wonder why it’s not been done before (maybe it has?). Simply visit the Snacks Away website, choose your lunch items from their expanding menu, pay online and wait for it to be delivered within an allotted time. Better still, the Snacks Away menu caters for those with special dietary requirements such as gluten free and lactose free.
That’s the concept at least, so what is it like in practice?

The first order with Snacks Away was placed, choosing various items from the menu and was delivered in good time. Unfortunately on checking the order we realised that one of the drinks ordered was missing, so Snacks Away were called and the missing drink sent out to follow.

Thankfully the value and quality of the food was good – both the salad and baguettes were generously filled and tasty whilst the drinks were delivered chilled.

Putting the missing drink from the initial order down to experience, two separate orders were placed the following day within minutes of each other but sadly the Snacks Away experience went downhill.

When placing an order, you are given a “delivered by” time window but five minutes before the delivery was due we got a call to say it was going to be delayed by 30 minutes. A small delay is acceptable and it is good that we were informed, however the driver didn’t arrive until an hour after the original time, not the half hour quoted. If you have to take your lunch breaks at a regular time or need to arrange it around work colleagues, you don’t want to be waiting around for your lunch to arrive.

By the time the driver turned up we were just happy to finally get our lunch, but then another problem – only one of the two orders was on the van!? The driver apologised and promised to make a call and get it sorted, but an hour later and still no sign of the food. A colleague made a call themselves to Snacks Away to be told the order had been lost in the system but they would make it up immediately. In the end, an order which should have taken around an hour took nearly two and a half hours to be delivered.

What went wrong?

It seems fairly apparent that Snacks Away are a victim of their own success and are struggling to keep up with demand. With so many isolated business parks across Peterborough, the logistics of getting orders freshly prepared and out to the customers is a problem. It’s no surprise to see that Snacks Away are currently hiring for drivers – and it’s good to see they are taking steps to improve their service. It should also be noted that on the second day, both orders had a complimentary muffin with the order as an apology which was appreciated.


Tasty tasty BBQ chicken baguette

So would I order from Snacks Away again?? Absolutely. The food was good, competitively priced and if they can just keep on top of their delivery times and accuracy of picking orders, I think they will be a big success.

Check out Snacks Away for yourself at

Have you ordered from Snacks Away?? If so, I’d like to read your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Hi Joffs,

    Thanks for the blog post, we at Snacks Away appreciate your honest review and have taken in all that has been said.

    The following developments are currently being worked on to minimize the points you have raised.

    We are advertising for a few drivers to improve our delivery times, so they don’t arrive just on time or slightly late, we want to make sure that the food is in between the times we have said or even earlier. So peace of mind!

    The next point is we are developing additional check lists and back end systems to make sure items are not wrong or missed off the order.

    We hope that these errors are reduced over the next week and continue to improve our products and service. We will be back in touch in the next couple of weeks to review your experience with our service.

    Thanks again for your review.

    Dean Lynn Co-Founder / CTO

  2. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for getting in touch, I appreciate the problems you’re having with delivery is due to a lack of drivers. Everything else with the service is spot on so hopefully you’ll get more job applications and revolutionise sandwich delivery in Peterborough! 🙂

  3. Very interesting review.
    No doubt that the food is good (fillings are packed) and they cater for people with Gluten allergies.

    The issue about the lack of drivers was comical (especially after a recent story I heard from a friend). Jobless, he entered his details onto the Snacks Away website “contact us” section, with the view to apply for one of the current available driving positions.
    He entered his credentials (name, address, experience, contact number) into the box and clicked the submit button. Uh-oh! error on screen!!! backup and re-enter it all again…….. 7 attempts later… he decided to give the job a miss.
    Looks like they need to have chat with one of their web developers.

  4. I’d definitely recommend ordering from them, just do it first thing in the morning to allow for plenty of time for delivery – all from the comfort of your desk 🙂

  5. We also operate in Peterborough but we only provide the platform for local businesses to supply an on-line delivery service. We also operate in Corby and around 20 other locations around the UK. Not sure if having more drivers would resolve the issue, it’s the delivery radius they have set and frequency of orders are probably the underlying issues in this case. We have a wealth of knowledge and seem to hold the answers!

  6. Hello! I just googled Snacks Away, because I just saw a van outside work, and your blog was the first thing that came up. I was like… “It’s Joff!”

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