Review of Nando’s, Peterborough

It’s finally here, Peterborough has a Nando’s. If you’ve been to a Nando’s anywhere else in the country then Peterborough Nando’s will be no surprise:? It’s the same great Nando’s Peri Peri taste but now it’s on your doorstep in Cathedral Square, so stop reading and go and get yourself some chicken!? For those new to Nando’s restaurants, read on…

The Nando’s concept is a simple one:

Take some chicken, introduce it to some flavourful Afro-Portugese marinades (plain chicken is available) and flame-grill to perfection. You can choose just about anything from a whole chicken to a chicken wing, with chicken wraps, burgers and salads somewhere in between. There’s no other meats on the menu, no fish but they do have some vegetarian options.

The Peterborough Nando’s restaurant is fresh out of the box and makes good use of the old HMV building. Downstairs has an open view of the kitchen/pass along one side with seating taking up the remainder whereas upstairs is light and airy, giving diners a great view over Cathedral Square, the fountains and even the council’s new plastic flower pots*.

Eating in a Nando’s is a casual, family-friendly experience. Get shown to your table, choose your marinade, choose what you want the marinade on and place your order at the till (like you would in a pub). The format is tried and tested and just works. It’s great for families after a spot of weekend shopping or groups of friends before a night out on the tiles, but probably not somewhere on a date when you’re trying to impress. You can also order Nando’s takeaway, so just ring up in advance and collect your chicken.

It’s probably safe to say that after the chicken, the thing Nando’s are most famous for is their range of Peri Peri (or Piri Piri) sauces as found in supermarkets and B&Q next to the barbecues. Ranging from “garlic” through to Hot, Extra Hot and even Extra Extra Hot you should be able to find something to suit your tastebuds. Personally as a chilli head, even the Extra Extra Hot isn’t “that” hot, but if you’re sensitive to chilli stick to the Medium sauce and you’ll be just fine.

Opening day blues

Arriving at a restaurant an hour after their doors have first opened to the public is always going to be a test for the staff but Nando’s Peterborough seemed to? be getting on without too much in the way of drama. The only issue we had was where the self-service soft drink dispenser hadn’t been fully set up, so Coke and Sprite would spray out everywhere. Luckily for us an off duty member of staff from the Sheffield branch kindly stepped in and saved the day.
Whilst our food order was fine we overheard a manager apologising to another table for a delay in their order. It’s not an ideal situation but the way the manager went out of his way to resolve it for the customers was commendable.

A Nando’s restaurant isn’t ground breaking (it’s just chicken) and it’s not fine dining (it’s just chicken) but it is honest, tasty food with staff that appeared to be excited to be working for the brand. I’m looking forward to getting my loyalty card stamped up a few more times!

Contact details

4 Cathedral Square
Opening Hours
Sun – Thurs 11.30 – 23.30
Fri & Sat 11.30 – 00.30
Telephone (Takeaway)
01733 551 222





*they’re terrible flower pots


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