Jim’s Bistro Closes

Sadly my favourite restaurant in Peterborough, Jim’s Bistro has closed!

The owners, Jim and Sharon Trevor opened the restaurant on Broadway in 2008 and were one of the few restaurants in the city that dared to offer something different to Peterborough diners.

A statement posted on to the Jim’s Restaurants website says:

We have now closed Jim’s Bistro in Broadway after three years of trading. Since opening The Beehive in July last year we have now decided to focus our energies on one single site in the City.

A huge thank you to all our Staff and everyone that has supported us. We sincerely appreciate it.

We hope that you can visit us at The Beehive or at Jim’s Yard in Stamford, where on our?menu you will still find the fresh soup and the?simple fish supper?are prepared daily.

Jim & Sharon

In a competitive industry I can’t help think that the closure of the Broadway Theatre due to fire in 2009 and the more recent closure due to poor management has been a contributing factor, as Jim’s Bistro was in a prime location for theatre-goers.

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  1. we used to love Jims Bistro but we hadnt been for a few months! Good luck Jim and Sharon, we will continue support you at the Beehive. All the best- Lorraine

  2. I’ve been to Jim’s twice and really enjoyed it twice; oh how we LOL’d at a upper middle aged fellow diner with what was obviously an escort.

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