Mr Singh’s Sauce

It’s safe to say I like my chilli sauces. I always have a few half-eaten bottles of chilli sauce in the fridge, some hotter than others and each with a flavour that makes them suitable for different types of food. I’ve got Mexican sauces that are great with Fajitas and Jamaican sauces that are crying out for a pizza crust to be dunked in them – I’m yet to find the one sauce to rule them all. So when I heard of a new Punjabi-inspired sauce from Mr Singh’s I got myself a bottle and put it through it’s paces.

When in the supermarket I make a habit of checking out the latest contenders to the hot sauce market but they’re rarely what I’d class as “hot”, so adjust my heat rating according to your own chilli tolerance!? To give you an idea I’d rate regular Tabasco at around a 5/10, so Mr Singh’s Sauce would be a pretty respectable 7/10. Mr Singh’s Sauce is comparable in it’s versatility and heat to the popular Reggae Reggae sauce, but the flavour of the two brands is so different don’t be afraid to get a bottle of each and use them side by side.

So whilst Mr Singh’s Sauce isn’t going to knock your socks off, the chilli kick is much more subtle. What you do get is a sweet, acidic sauce that seems to work well on just about any food stuff you care to throw at it. So far it’s been in my sandwiches (great on bacon!), in beans, on burgers, in pasta sauce and used just about anywhere you’d normally use ketchup or brown sauce. I’ve yet to use it as a marinade but it should be pretty tasty. Mr Singh’s Sauce makes a great every day sauce and one I’ll be buying more of in the future!

I’ve also heard that the guys at Mr Singh’s are cooking up a batch of an even spicier, hotter sauce which should satisfy chilli-heads like myself so keep an eye out for that one too. For now, keep an eye out in your local Asda or head over to the Mr Singh’s online shop to buy some.


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