Mr Singh’s Sauce

It’s safe to say I like my chilli sauces. I always have a few half-eaten bottles of chilli sauce in the fridge, some hotter than others and each with a flavour that makes them suitable for different types of food. I’ve got Mexican sauces that are great with Fajitas and Jamaican sauces that are crying out for a pizza crust to be dunked in them – I’m yet to find the one sauce to rule them all. So when I heard of a new Punjabi-inspired sauce from Mr Singh’s I got myself a bottle and put it through it’s paces. Continue reading “Mr Singh’s Sauce”

Disable Motorola Atrix USB connection sound

A quick tip for other Motorola Atrix owners suffering from unwanted notification sounds when connecting the phone to PC via USB.

Simply download a silent MP3 (I used this one) and save it to sdcard\media\audio\notifications

Then go back to the home screen and press Menu > Settings > Sound > Notification ringtone and choose your newly downloaded silent.mp3.

If you still want audible notifications in your apps, then set those up individually within the app.

Why Motorola didn’t see fit to provide a disable feature is beyond me!

(this tip was originally from the Motorola Owners Forum)