Tom Lock to become The Vineyard restaurant

I’ve just heard the news that the Tom Lock (Harvester) on Lincoln Road is currently being refurbished by new owners.

Information is scarce at the moment, but I’ve learned that the new restaurant will specialise in fish and seafood and be called The Vineyard.

You can find The Vineyard at 77 Lincoln Road, Peterborough – just a couple of minutes walk from Westgate.

I’ll update this post with more details as I hear them!

Update: 19/6/2011

Now you can read the review of The Vineyard

Update: 13/4/2011

According to a recent local radio report the Vineyard will actually be a wine bar, no mention of seafood so who knows what will be on offer when it opens tomorrow (14th April).

20 thoughts on “Tom Lock to become The Vineyard restaurant”

  1. Hi Celia, I’m afraid I don’t have any more information at the moment. Hopefully someone involved in the Vineyard restaurant will get in touch and let me know.

  2. 3 of us had dinner tonight at the new vineyard in Peterborough.
    One vegetarian main course option on the menu, which was absolutely awful greasy tasteless aubergine fritters. The waiter offered complimentary deserts , but these failed to materialise and when questioned if anything could be taken off the bill, apart from the awful main course was told no.
    One of the coffee’s was lukewarm this was replaced and not charged for.
    The music is chronic. Beatles loop of songs which in my opinion is out of keeping with the ambiance the restaurant is trying to portray .
    Also finally, the toilets have been done on the cheap. Old style sink, very poor paint job better quality found in Prezzo etc
    Overall the whole experience has left me feeling that the Vineyard is overpriced and underwhelming

  3. Wonderful meal, surroundings, staff, choice, everything a completely faultless evening. Highly recommended.Best wine bar

  4. The wine list is great. There is something for everyone

    The food was tasty. A tad bit still finger licking good. Bet they purposely made it slightly salty just so you drink more. Which worked for me! And it was well worth the 3rd bottle of wine.

    The cheese platters are mouth watering. Must try the Camembert. Must Must Must!

    Ambiance and crowd is great. Loved the dark cellar sitting area only dimly lit with candle lights.

    Be patient of you wanna get a table. I personally hate waiting but it was well worth the wait.

    Great night out guaranteed! Like I said – Absolutely Amazing

  5. vineyard is atmostphere with only a few candles on the table to light up the place. It?s cool, romantic, and very friendly service. It?s a great place to go with friends, as well as a first date. Definitely one of the best finds in peterborough? for a wine bar,the place to go free parking

  6. This is an absolutely amazing place. Great selection of wine as well as cheese and light food. I love having the option of sitting inside, in what feels like a wine cave / cellar or grabbing a seat see outside on a nice evening

    I am glad open this place in peterborough and intend to visit every time i visit peterborough,

  7. Fast weekend very good Peterborough Wight long for
    Great food – fantastic wine in a good atmosphere.

    Think of this place as a wine bar that does great food and you cant go wrong.

    Waiting staff were very knowledgeable on the wine and I would recommend getting some advice from them.

    I will go back!

    Great food – fantastic wine in a good atmosphere.

    Think of this place as a wine bar that does great food and you cant go wrong.

    Waiting staff were very knowledgeable on the wine and I would recommend getting some advice from them.

    I will go back!

  8. In the interest of reader transparency, the last five comments above (Jack, steve, dona, nabjay and Marten) were all posted from the same IP address within a 24 hour period.

  9. I went yesterday for a meal there and i have to say it was spot on. Peterborough was missing exactly a please like this for a fine dining. Unfortunatelly this place was really cheap before and all the people who were going there probably think that the prices and cuisine are still the same. But not.So all these people get nasty because they couldn`t had their 1 course meal for 4.95 and the free salad bar.!!!!!!!!!!
    I think this is a place for a people who knows what they want and appreciate the high standart food. I am really dissapointed I am reading such a offensive comment..mind this is the beggining of their excisting. You cannot ruin somebody`s reputation just like this.
    I highly recommend the place and i think we have to give it a chance.

  10. I went there on saturday and and had a beef fillet which I thought it was excellent. My partner also give her compliments to the chef. Personally the whole place is miles better then the old run down tom lock.the place has really turned itself around.My partner even wants to celebrate her birthday there next month.

  11. I went for a meal today with a group of friends and I have to say that the place and food is immaculate. Their are a variety of choices when it comes to the food and the prices are reasonable for such a well designed place. I am shocked at the negative comment about the Vineyard and I recommend that everyone try it out. The environment food and staff are great. A perfect way to enjoy a meal.

  12. As a word of warning to anybody wishing to visit this venue!

    I thought I would try this place out only to be disgusted with both the quality of food and the service provided. I refuse to go into the finer details (all angering) but I was not shocked when I found the owner/manager of the Vineyard is also in fact the old owner/manager of Praise. This seems to be something that seems to follow him as the experience my party had there was also appalling.

    To anyone reading please beware, if you like somewhere with the slightest touch of quality or care for their customers steer clear, you will not find it here!

  13. Visted the vineyard twice this weekend, once for a quiet drink and then went back for a meal. Lovely staff, friendly and helpful. Food was great, very tasty,and fairly priced. Modern decor ,clean,and fresh feel. I will be going back.

  14. Visited the vineyard this evening, Very good food, very good service and a wonderfull atmosphere. I run my own restaurant in Crowland so i should know what quality food is.

    Please be aware of the bad comments folks, there ar a group of very sad individuals who travel around pubs and restaurants in cambs and Lincs, they have a meal and say it was dredfull and then they refuse to pay for it. in my view that is theft and to top it all they post rude and non truthfull information on trusted review sites.

    Please be aware

    Andy (manager, executive chef @ the george and angel, crowland)

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