Showcase Cinemas in Peterborough

The Showcase Cinema wins the award for being the worst cinema in Peterborough, which isn’t surprising as it’s the only cinema in Peterborough. Based on that I would normally suggest it’s also the best cinema, but it really isn’t. Watching a TV playing through the window of Hughes is a better cinema experience than the Showcase.

I’m pretty sure the seats haven’t been refurbished since the place opened and it shows. I watched Batman at the Showcase in the 80s and I think there may still be some of my dropped popcorn between the seats.

The foyer used to have a wide range of exciting arcade games for a youngster to waste his pocket money on, but the few machines left seem tired or uninteresting. Food and drinks are typically expensive, which is the same across the country but with nothing else to save the Showcase, just adds insult to injury.

The Showcase has played on it being the only cinema in the city for far too long and a lot of people prefer to travel to Huntingdon’s Cineworld (myself included).


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  1. Glad i’m not the only one. More and more people are now doing this. Showcase get the hint and sort it out!

  2. Ugh so true. I have just drive everyone down to see a movie at the cine world every other week when something good is on. It might cost ?5 in petrol but it’s worth it. Hope that place gets a full refurb soon or a cine world opens in town centre.

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