Fishtastic in Peterborough

After hearing the good news about Fishtastic I thought I would try them out for myself and I’m glad I did. A busy chippy on a Friday lunch time is a good sign, but the queues were almost out the door.

Fishtastic’s combined a traditional fish and chip shop (counter, typical menu range) with modern practices – cardboard boxes instead of waxed paper and sustainability info. On the wall is helpful screen showing where their current fish stock was sourced!

I ordered Haddock out of habit as I prefer to have my fish cooked to order, but their Cod was sustainable too. The fish was cooked perfectly, chips were kept hot without going soggy (probably down to the box) and a can of Cream Soda washed it all down a treat.

Fishtastic is a little out of my way, but for quality fish and chips like this I’ll be coming back! Keep up the great work.

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