Antonino’s Pizza House in Yaxley

I’ve ordered a pizza delivery from Antonino’s a couple of times and apart from a few teething problems, would say their pizzas are some of the best in the Peterborough area.

Our first order was delayed because the driver was given the wrong address. Mistakes happen and they apologised, but it would have been nice for Antonino’s to have compensated us somehow.
Then to make matters worse, the pizza wasn’t cut into slices – hardly cause for concern as my parents taught me basic knife and fork skills as a child, but I can’t remember the last takeaway/delivery pizzeria that didn’t pre-slice their pizza. Those niggles aside, the pizza tasted good.

The second time we ordered, the pizzas arrived within 45 minutes and again, no slicing. I had made a mental note after the first instance to ask for the pizzas to be sliced, but in the excitement of ordering, I’d forgotten.

I’ve not eaten at their Yaxley restaurant, but if you’re in South Peterborough I’d happily recommend the Antonino’s takeaway.

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