Review (revisited): The Beehive, Peterborough

Since my original review of The Beehive in Peterborough,? I’ve been back to the pub/bar/restaurant several times so thought an updated review was in order.

As readers of my previous review will know, I was a little confused by what the latest of Jim’s Restaurants had to offer but now I’m pleased to say I can sleep easy at nights in the knowledge that it’s a bar. Or a gastro-bar. But not a pub…

The Beehive is a London bar in Peterborough – providing a smart but casual dining experience for trendy city types. Whilst you can (and should) go to The Beehive for a quick drink after work, it’s the food that The Beehive really excels at.

Jim’s other restaurant in Peterborough, Jim’s Bistro has already made a name for itself with high quality food so it was natural that The Beehive would follow suit. Friendly staff and a great interior just add to the experience.

Antonino’s Pizza House in Yaxley

I’ve ordered a pizza delivery from Antonino’s a couple of times and apart from a few teething problems, would say their pizzas are some of the best in the Peterborough area.

Our first order was delayed because the driver was given the wrong address. Mistakes happen and they apologised, but it would have been nice for Antonino’s to have compensated us somehow.
Then to make matters worse, the pizza wasn’t cut into slices – hardly cause for concern as my parents taught me basic knife and fork skills as a child, but I can’t remember the last takeaway/delivery pizzeria that didn’t pre-slice their pizza. Those niggles aside, the pizza tasted good. Continue reading “Antonino’s Pizza House in Yaxley”

Tom Lock to become The Vineyard restaurant

I’ve just heard the news that the Tom Lock (Harvester) on Lincoln Road is currently being refurbished by new owners.

Information is scarce at the moment, but I’ve learned that the new restaurant will specialise in fish and seafood and be called The Vineyard.

You can find The Vineyard at 77 Lincoln Road, Peterborough – just a couple of minutes walk from Westgate.

I’ll update this post with more details as I hear them!

Update: 19/6/2011

Now you can read the review of The Vineyard

Update: 13/4/2011

According to a recent local radio report the Vineyard will actually be a wine bar, no mention of seafood so who knows what will be on offer when it opens tomorrow (14th April).

Fishtastic in Peterborough

After hearing the good news about Fishtastic I thought I would try them out for myself and I’m glad I did. A busy chippy on a Friday lunch time is a good sign, but the queues were almost out the door.

Fishtastic’s combined a traditional fish and chip shop (counter, typical menu range) with modern practices – cardboard boxes instead of waxed paper and sustainability info. On the wall is helpful screen showing where their current fish stock was sourced! Continue reading “Fishtastic in Peterborough”

North East Corner bar and grill

An interesting new bar and grill restaurant has sprung up in Peterborough City Centre but seems to have slipped under the restaurant-radar.

Called “North East Corner”, the restaurant has taken over what was the Picnic Box sandwich shop at 6 Westgate (near the crossroads of Long Causeway/Broadway/Midgate). I’ve not eaten at North East Corner yet, but I stopped by to pick up a menu and see what the restaurant had to offer.

North East CornerStaff were friendly and keen to push that all their food uses quality ingredients and is cooked to order. The menu’s compact but has a nice selection of starters and grilled mains (including seafood).

Whilst the restaurant was quite small, as long as the food is good then the prime location should see them do very well. Peterborough has lacked a dedicated steakhouse in the city centre so North East Corner should fill the gap in the market.

I’m looking forward to paying North East Corner a visit very soon, but for now you’ll have to make up your own mind.

Contact details

North East Corner Bar & Grill
6 Westgate
Tel. 01733 342 469

Qype: Peppes Pizza in Bergen

Great pizzas with an accessible menu for a UK tourist. Pizzas were much more expensive than I’m used to (no doubt due to general prices in Norway) but were also larger so it didn’t seem too bad.

Staff very friendly, pizzas were good, not much else to say! If you’re looking for a pizza in Bergen,

Peppes probably isn’t a very exciting chain to Norwegians, but for a safe, reliable tourist meal it suited us very well.

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Showcase Cinemas in Peterborough

The Showcase Cinema wins the award for being the worst cinema in Peterborough, which isn’t surprising as it’s the only cinema in Peterborough. Based on that I would normally suggest it’s also the best cinema, but it really isn’t. Watching a TV playing through the window of Hughes is a better cinema experience than the Showcase.

I’m pretty sure the seats haven’t been refurbished since the place opened and it shows. I watched Batman at the Showcase in the 80s and I think there may still be some of my dropped popcorn between the seats.

The foyer used to have a wide range of exciting arcade games for a youngster to waste his pocket money on, but the few machines left seem tired or uninteresting. Food and drinks are typically expensive, which is the same across the country but with nothing else to save the Showcase, just adds insult to injury.

The Showcase has played on it being the only cinema in the city for far too long and a lot of people prefer to travel to Huntingdon’s Cineworld (myself included).


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Review of embe restaurant, Peterborough

embe is an Afro Caribbean restaurant on Burghley Road in what used to be known as the Glass Onion. The location of embe is right on the outskirts of the city centre, only 10 minutes walk from the bus station or 4 minutes from the Broadway Theatre.
Renamed as The Rose, the pub now serves up soul food favourites such as curried mutton, jambalaya and my favourite – jerk chicken.

Continue reading “Review of embe restaurant, Peterborough”