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by guest reviewer Ben


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As it was my birthday recently, I decided to go into Peterborough city centre for a few games of bowling, followed by food. As it’s next to the bowling alley, a friend suggested going to the new Jimmy Spices World Buffet restaurant and since they currently have a two-for-one promotion, we decided to give it a go.

Bowling had taken longer than anticipated we get to Jimmy Spice’s at around 9.15pm and the restaurant was half full. On entering, we were greeted by front of house staff who we informed that we had a table booked. Rather than show us to our table we are abruptly told to pay in full first and then to go to our table. I’m not sure if this is the done thing with buffet restaurants but I don’t ever remember having to pay upfront before. We pay the money and are then pointed to the table and told if we want drinks to go to the bar. We all felt the service wasn’t a good start to the experience

Having been to the restaurant when it was previously occupied by the To Ho Chinese restaurant I’m afraid to say I wasn’t particularly impressed with the new decor. Inside Jimmy Spice’s is very open plan with no intimate dining areas when you’re with a partner.

The buffet

We all went up to the buffet and started serving ourselves using the small plates provided. Chefs are cooking away and are helpful and attentive however the layout is a little muddled and the choice not particularly overwhelming. In the far end you have salads and Italian dishes, consisting of pasta, chips that looked like they had been sat a few hours, pizza and thats about it. Moving round there were then some fried chicken wings, spring? rolls, oysters and further on is a selection of Indian, Thai and Chinese dishes ranging from from beef with black bean sauce to potatoes and baked fish. Moving round again there were pakoras, samosas and other assorted fried food. Last but not least was the large circular bar for dessert including chocolate cake, ice cream and fruit!

The food was all tasty and hot, so an improvement on the initial reception. I think the Italian selection was a bit of a let down as far as quality and selection goes, just from looking at the pasta I decided to avoid it as it appeared to have been sitting there a while. Every time I went up there was no-one in the Italian food area. Out of the 10 or so dishes that made up The Indian/Thai/Chinese selection (the ones that I managed to try at least) had a good flavour however I have to admit I have had better from local takeaways.

Dessert was an odd affair. A few of us queued up and began watching the chef take scoops of ice-cream, mashing them together with a choice of chocolate buttons, mini eggs, minstrels the list goes on, so course I decided to give it a try! Having added a couple of mini chocolate cakes I was well on my way. I came back to the table with my mashed up ice cream to find others in our party had plates of Haribo!! Anyway the small desserts and the crudely mashed up ice cream (although not very appetising) were nice and a change from your standard ice cream dessert.

Overall I wasn’t keen on the venue, the service was virtually non-existent apart from the chefs behind the counter. Maybe the buffet format doesn’t warrant table service, but it felt odd dining without it. The food was to a decent standard but I have had much better from takeaways and other established local restaurants – I just don’t think these type of random buffet restaurants work that well. Food is dotted all over the place, people going every which way to get to a dish, food left for too long and that lack of a good service really puts me off on this occasion. Admittedly it worked out about ?7 a head under the two-for-one offer which is hard to criticise, but at the full weekend price of ?14.99 I certainly think that is a little expensive for the experience.

Your thoughts

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  1. I went to Jimmy spices last night. I think the deal that they are doing at the moment is really good, it cost just ?15 for both myself and my husband.
    The food was really nice and there was so much to choose from. I did think the plates were a little small but everyone just seemed to be going up for seconds.
    The desserts were lovely, little bite size cakes and sweets (odd but lovely).
    I didnt like the situation with ordering drinks, everyone was having to stand in a queue and give their order to 1 guy who then passed the order to the bar and 20 mins later the drinks arrived, this system meant that my husband was stood in the queue while I waited at the table for a good 10 mins or so and by the time the drinks arrived we had almost finished our dinner.

    I would go again though definitely.

  2. It was OK and would agree that there are far better takeaways. The offer has now ended, so now is the real test for the resturant.

    I don’t think it will compete with some of the greats we already have plus the other new sites that have popped up recently.

  3. My experience of Jimmy Spices came on a friends birthday and it was pretty much what I expected. It may be a tad harsh to refer it to a “Jack of all trades, master of none” type restaurant but the quality of the food and the appearance suffered due to the mass quantity of it.

    As Joff said; a great place for a large group of friends but no imtimate places make it a massive no for intimate couples.

    I didn’t experience any queues but the desert was very limited. Two “cakes”, a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmellows and the icecream guy. I was hoping it would be more Bentoesk rather than the Plaza but it’s great value for money and serves all tastes.

  4. personally i was gutted to be handing over ?15 for my meal, i may sound like a cheap-skate, but very honestly the service was far from good and the food choice was certainly not worth the price.
    When arriving the venue seems to show high standards, this is a complete let down when your greeted; there wasn’t even a ‘welcome’, i man just pointed up, where there a sign, saying i had to pay before i had sat down; im not sure this is normal, ive never done this before (could be becasue by the end of the night they are scared that no-one will pay for the appauling meal). there is no drinks sevice, you simple to go the bar and get something, which again i found strange.
    the things you would normally associate with indian food, were not present, no korma, no tikka, not anything recognisable; chinese food had no duck, pancakes, chow-mein, no egg fried rice, no ribs…literally noodles and beef in black bean sauce.
    desert consisted of bashed about icecream, jelly beans and hard marshmellows, a selection of rather bland mini-cakes and a giant bowl of mouse. (?15? !!)
    when we asked for water to be poured for us, they spilt it all over our food and poured it right over our heads whilst we were eating.
    we were less than impressed and wont be going visiting again.
    (we also saw an empty iceland packet in a bin behind the chef’s counter.)

  5. I dined there when it first opened and thought it was great, the service was really good and the food was great because we’ve never had anything like this is Peterborough before. The food on offer varies slightly, for instance sometimes there is vegetable fried rice, sometimes there is egg fried rice. Sometimes there are certain desserts available and other time they are not. I find the change of food available very annoying. I also worked there, I was extremely happy with my job but the Manager made job difficult. We tried to give a good service and maybe even make sure customers are doing all right then we get in trouble for ‘wasting time’. As for drinks – although I didn’t handle them I could clearly see there was a massive issue with them. They have changed the way drinks are ordered multiple times now but they still take too long. As well as this when the waiters and waitresses got along and we all had a great working environment the manager tried to split this up. I did (and still do) often go to dine there, and sometimes even go for lunch. I find that some of the chefs are unfriendly, such as the ones in the Indian food section, and others are a delight to be served by (such as the ice cream men). They also do lunch although that does not include the food cooked in front of you such as (salmon, steak, fajitas, spaghetti, kebabs. There are always extremely long queue’s for these though. I still dine their often though and I love the food.

  6. What a load of old tosh, service was disgraceful, toilets were broken and messy, freezing cold running water from a dodgy tap, false advertising on draft beer, when they have never had any or any intention of getting any, waiters have no customer service experience, welcome to Jimmyspice. these people are only interested in collecting money at the end of the meal, if you have one of course, we decided after 15 mins of entering that we would finish our drinks go home and order a takeaway, so anyone reading this looking for reviews on what jimmyspice is like, well let me put it in a nut shell for you, the food so Im told is acceptable, everything else that goes with having a meal out, ambience, being looked after, feeling satisfied through enjoyment, pick another place to eat cos you will not recieve anything in this restuarant apart from annoyance and tissue paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

  7. Food was really good except for the Italian bit, which did look a bit old. Service was rubbish, the waiter actually walked off halfway through the drinks order! We paid ?13 a head Inc drinks and ate loads but I still think bentos is way better! Cakes and chocolate fountain better than usual buffet food. Reminded me of all Inc holiday desserts from Turkey odd but tasty. Overall I would go again but only for the earlybird and no bottles of expensive beer.

  8. On arrival, the waiter asked for our drink order, but then we were told we had to go to the bar to order instead if we wanted to pay individually rather than add to the bill. Two other parties I know both had to wait 2 hours for their drinks to arrive once ordered anyway. This was our first visit so we expected someone to explain how it works (although I guess it was fairly self explainatory) but nobody approached us at all. I personally stuck to food cooked in front of me, which was fine, others members on my table chose from the buffet and unfortunately had upset stomachs the following morning. One of our table went to the bar to order a large amount of drinks for the table then stayed at the bar with a friend for a few shots. The waiter placed another shot in front of her and said try this one, which she did, but then was then charged for it. One member had to pop out to move her car but asked if she could pay before she went and was told she wasn’t allowed to, she had to pay with everyone else. When given the bill, the optional service charged was added but we decided not to pay as we really hadn’t seen any service worth paying for. One of those places everybody will try but probably won’t go back to, I certainly won’t do.

  9. I went to jimmy spice with some friends who had come from out of town and as it was the 1st halal world food buffet in peterborough i was not disappointed. Most of the dishes i tried were pipimg hot and freshly made (except for a few indian dishes which seemed as they had not been touched for a while plus were slightly cold). The food was really nice and there was so much i was spoiled for choice. The service was good, i had reserved a booth table and were shown to the table on arrival and the drinks order was taken which was brought to us within 20mins(they were non-alcoholic cocktails so does take time to make them. The waiters and chefs were pleasant and helpful and we enjoyed the experience, our friends enjoyed it so much that we are going again in a few weeks.

  10. Jimmy Spices in Peterborough is haram for muslims, organisation meat in UK there are only 2 only for it. One does it right the other does not careless research on it 😛

  11. Absolutely awful, i would never go back. we were treated terribly, the staff were so rude and the manager was arrogant. They overcharged us and called us liars. NEVER EVER go there!!!

  12. went to Jimmy Spices Peterborough on 07/02/2012 for lunchtime buffet . We have been before and everything had been ok but this time the next day me and my wife both had really bad stomach problems and could keep no food inside us . We will definately never return as we had never experienced anything like this in all our time of going to various restaurants

  13. we just arrived home from a FAB evening at jimmy spices . the service was excellant , we asked what we had to do and was told very professionally and helpfully. lots to choose from pping hot food, the chef’s were great the atmosphere was really nice , we will be going again most certainley

  14. I went to Jimmy spice for the first time this year, i thought the food wasn’t too bad although not as much on offer as i was told and the plates were too small perhaps as i went up a few times but i didnt have to pay till the very end like some ofyou said you had to. Think it was maybe a bit overpriced but i would go again.

  15. Poor food, mostly sauses and no meat! Drinks are expensive. Very noisy. We were overcharged per head and were charged for a bottle of wine we didn’t order!!

    ?17 per head is very expensive when you compare to a Chinese or Indian.

    We won’t be going back!!

  16. Food average,drinks expensive, staff some friendly some extremely rude especially when payment was made. Awaiting reply from head office. Will I use it again? Unless my wife changes her mind No! Plenty of room for improvement .

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