Qype: The Fitzwilliam Arms in Marholm

The Fitzwilliam Arms had a refurbishment towards the end of 2010 and the result is a lovely cosy pub. The menu’s are typical Vintage Inns (although it’s worth noting the slight price differences between the Fitzwilliam Arms and the Cuckoo – another Vintage Inns pub in Peterborough).

We visited one lunchtime just before Christmas and the pub was pretty full. We found a table in one of the snugs to the side of the bar and read through the menus. Bar staff and waitresses were all great, no complaints there however when it came to the food, my wife and I were disappointed.

I ordered the homemade beefburger (nothing out of the ordinary) and my wife the handmade fishcakes. We didn’t order starters. After about 40 minutes of sitting there without food we got the attention of one of the waitresses who was very apologetic and rushed off to the kitchen. About 10-15 minutes later our food arrived – I can only guess that our order had been lost.
By this time we were in two minds – whilst we were annoyed at the wait, we were also glad to finally receive our food!

Whilst my wife’s fishcakes were perfectly nice, my both the beef patty and the bun of my burger were dry, to the point that the bun fell apart as soon as I lifted it from the plate.
The taste of the burger was average, slightly too well done on the outside which left it with a bitter chargrilled flavour which is a shame for a ?8.75 burger.

This may be an odd thing to say given the criticisms above but we would both happily return to the Fitzwilliam Arms for another meal. Firstly, the pub was very inviting and secondly, it was a busy lunchtime service and whilst it shouldn’t impact on a customer’s enjoyment, I should have known better and given the pub a miss. Next time I’ll return on a quieter day!

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