Mattoni Italian restaurant, Peterborough

Update – check out my review of Mattoni Italian restaurant!

For those of you living in Hampton or following my tweets on twitter you’ll know that Flamas, the South American restaurant in Hampton Vale has closed down. Well like a phoenix from the flamas flames, a new Italian restaurant called Mattoni will be taking it’s place and opening on the 7th of February.

Heading up the Mattoni restaurant will be Italian chef Alfredo, with 25 years experience in cooking Italian cuisine and will be serving up an authentic menu of Italian dishes including the obligatory pizza and pasta but also much more.

There will also be a new bar area where you can relax and enjoy the restaurant atmosphere over a cocktail or, if you’re a more traditional drinker, a glass of wine or bottle of Peroni.

You can find the Mattoni restaurant at:

114 Chimneys Crescent, Hampton Vale
Peterborough, PE7 8FH
Tel. 01733 241246

I’ll try and visit the restaurant as soon as possible and of course, share my review. Oh, if anyone is wondering, “mattoni” is Italian for “brick”!

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  1. I tried out Mattoni last night it was there first really busy night as they only opened on Monday, overall it was a really good night we had a bit of a wait for food but not too much, but I have to say the food was well worth waiting for, I had a Pizza and my wife had Veal. The staff are very friendly and were apologetic about the wait, but we understood that this was a whole new team that were working together, so great food, great service, lovely ambiance, nice staff.

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