Could Peterborough be getting a Nandos?

Rumour has it that Peterborough might be getting it’s own Nando’s restaurant!

You might have seen their spicy Piri-Piri hot-sauce and BBQ marinades in local supermarkets but outside of Peterborough Nando’s are known worldwide for their Portugese-themed chicken restaurants. Nando’s is one of the first restaurant chains people think of that are missing from the Peterborough restaurant line-up so they would definitely be a welcome addition – and something new to the local dining scene.

MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson tweeted earlier that he’s heard rumours from a good source so only time will tell.

For those new to Nando’s why not pay a visit to their website –

Does Nando’s answer all your spicy chicken prayers or is there another restaurant you think Peterborough is missing out on?? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Great news, we would also like to see a GBK or a Jamie’s Italian, but I guess on those we can but dream for a few more years!

  2. Nandos in peterborough?! This is a long time coming I hope the rumours are true it is by far one of the best resturants in that price range.

    We also need a Giraffe restuarant good food and service is second to none with the training they go through!

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