Mattoni Italian restaurant, Peterborough

Update – check out my review of Mattoni Italian restaurant!

For those of you living in Hampton or following my tweets on twitter you’ll know that Flamas, the South American restaurant in Hampton Vale has closed down. Well like a phoenix from the flamas flames, a new Italian restaurant called Mattoni will be taking it’s place and opening on the 7th of February.

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Review of Jimmy Spice’s, Peterborough

by guest reviewer Ben


Check out my latest review of Jimmy Spices in Peterborough


As it was my birthday recently, I decided to go into Peterborough city centre for a few games of bowling, followed by food. As it’s next to the bowling alley, a friend suggested going to the new Jimmy Spices World Buffet restaurant and since they currently have a two-for-one promotion, we decided to give it a go.

Bowling had taken longer than anticipated we get to Jimmy Spice’s at around 9.15pm and the restaurant was half full. On entering, we were greeted by front of house staff who we informed that we had a table booked. Rather than show us to our table we are abruptly told to pay in full first and then to go to our table. I’m not sure if this is the done thing with buffet restaurants but I don’t ever remember having to pay upfront before. We pay the money and are then pointed to the table and told if we want drinks to go to the bar. We all felt Continue reading “Review of Jimmy Spice’s, Peterborough”

Confirmed – Nandos opening in Peterborough!

After breaking the news of rumours that Nandos might be looking at opening a Peterborough restaurant, it’s now been officially confirmed!

The Peterborough ET has spoken to the restaurant chain who have revealed that a 100-seat restaurant is planned for Cathedral Square and due to open by July.

I’m guessing the HMV store would be the ideal location (as HMV are due to close that this year) but the location’s still unconfirmed.

Qype: The Fitzwilliam Arms in Marholm

The Fitzwilliam Arms had a refurbishment towards the end of 2010 and the result is a lovely cosy pub. The menu’s are typical Vintage Inns (although it’s worth noting the slight price differences between the Fitzwilliam Arms and the Cuckoo – another Vintage Inns pub in Peterborough).

We visited one lunchtime just before Christmas and the pub was pretty full. We found a table in one of the snugs to the side of the bar and read through the menus. Bar staff and waitresses were all great, no complaints there however when it came to the food, my wife and I were disappointed. Continue reading “Qype: The Fitzwilliam Arms in Marholm”

Could Peterborough be getting a Nandos?

Rumour has it that Peterborough might be getting it’s own Nando’s restaurant!

You might have seen their spicy Piri-Piri hot-sauce and BBQ marinades in local supermarkets but outside of Peterborough Nando’s are known worldwide for their Portugese-themed chicken restaurants. Nando’s is one of the first restaurant chains people think of that are missing from the Peterborough restaurant line-up so they would definitely be a welcome addition – and something new to the local dining scene. Continue reading “Could Peterborough be getting a Nandos?”