RIP Max Power 1994-2010

The rumour-mill is grinding away and word on the street is that Bauer magazine Max Power is no more, closing it’s (lambo) doors for good.

It’s not much of a surprise to those into the modified car scene but it’s a shame nonetheless. Over the years the title has been out of favour with it’s target audience after shifting focus onto scantily-clad women rather than modified cars but even an editorial change in 2007 wasn’t enough to save it. Under Emap, Max Power was at one time the most popular magazine for car enthusiasts and hosted a number of live events.

As the Peterborough-based title employs a number of people locally hopefully they’re being moved to other titles but the outlook is bleak.

Do you work for Bauer?? Can you offer any more insight into rumoured closure of Max Power?? Leave a comment below

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  1. This is a shame..
    I remember back in my youth at college when a good friend of mine use to own a White Nova SR and we’d dream of ways to kit it out. The furthest I think he ever got to was a really good stereo system and a K&N filter 😉 .
    Back then the whole Max Power culture was a young guys norm.
    Here in 2010 we not only hear that a decent “kitting out and fixing” car magazine is closing down but also that there is a major increase in youth binge drinking.. trends change I suppose.
    Great blogs Joff keep them coming!

  2. I used to live down south, near Portsmouth and used to read Max Power about 12 years ago. I remember looking at where it was published and looking it up on a map. Now I live about 5 mins away from where it was edited.

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