A Brazilian steakhouse for Peterborough?

Local Peterborough newspaper, the Evening Telegraph broke a meaty news story today, announcing that a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant could be due to open in Peterborough City Centre. Oddly named “Venture In” the restaurant will be found along Cowgate on the corner of King Street.

I’ve long thought that Peterborough has lacked a focused Steakhouse, but a Brazilian churrascaria would be something else.

My one hope for the new restaurant is that if they want to be known as a steakhouse then the primary ingredient (the steak) must be of a high standard. I don’t expect London prices (and if they charge them then I feel they’ll be laughed out of Peterborough) but ?20-30 for a good steak that’s been well-aged is acceptable.

Anyone that knows me will testify that I’m a paid-up carnivore – I strongly believe that if a steak is being sold in a restaurant for under ?10 then there has to be something wrong with it, either it’s cheap meat that should be stewed or fall off the back of a lorry (or been run over by one). Good steak should be juicy and full of flavour – who cares if it’s served with a portion of oven chips, a grilled tomato and smothered in from a jar… /rant

Of course it’s early days yet and the Venture In Brazilian isn’t much more than rumours but I don’t think it hurts to voice my concerns.

On the plus side, the addition of this restaurant along Cowgate would help to give the street more of a night time purpose. Currently it’s home to most of the Estate Agents in Peterborough so by 5.30pm the shops are closed save for a Weatherspoons pub at one end. The restaurant scene in Peterborough has quickly become a lot more interesting with a handful of new businesses investing in both the city centre and further afield at sites such as Hampton.

Are you involved with the Venture In Brazilian steak house restaurant?? I’d love to find out more about your plans, so please leave a comment for me below!

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