Peterborough Pcard discount card

Peterborough City Council launched their “Pcard” discount card earlier this month, offering discounts at retailers, pubs, restaurants and visitor attractions across the city.

Each card costs ?5 a year but with more than 50 participating outlets at the time of writing, you’ll recoup that in no time. For more information or to get your Pcard, visit the Bridge Street Destination Centre, telephone 01733 452336 or go to

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A Brazilian steakhouse for Peterborough?

Local Peterborough newspaper, the Evening Telegraph broke a meaty news story today, announcing that a Brazilian steakhouse restaurant could be due to open in Peterborough City Centre. Oddly named “Venture In” the restaurant will be found along Cowgate on the corner of King Street.

I’ve long thought that Peterborough has lacked a focused Steakhouse, but a Brazilian churrascaria would be something else.

My one hope for the new restaurant is that if they want to be known as a steakhouse then the primary ingredient (the steak) must be of a high standard. I don’t expect London prices (and if they charge them then I feel they’ll be laughed out of Peterborough) but ?20-30 for a good steak that’s been well-aged is acceptable.

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RIP Max Power 1994-2010

The rumour-mill is grinding away and word on the street is that Bauer magazine Max Power is no more, closing it’s (lambo) doors for good.

It’s not much of a surprise to those into the modified car scene but it’s a shame nonetheless. Over the years the title has been out of favour with it’s target audience after shifting focus onto scantily-clad women rather than modified cars but even an editorial change in 2007 wasn’t enough to save it. Under Emap, Max Power was at one time the most popular magazine for car enthusiasts and hosted a number of live events.

As the Peterborough-based title employs a number of people locally hopefully they’re being moved to other titles but the outlook is bleak.

Do you work for Bauer?? Can you offer any more insight into rumoured closure of Max Power?? Leave a comment below