Review revisited: Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough

We hadn’t been to Jim’s Bistro for a while, nearly 18 months since my last visit so we thought a return visit was well overdue. It’s always interesting coming back to a restaurants as there’s the question if they’ll live up to the memory – or if they’ve improved on any previous failings.

So with a table booked, we ventured into Peterborough City Centre. Obviously I didn’t get the memo because we were the only ones out, at 8pm on an Autumn Friday night. A couple of years ago you would at least see a few revellers out for a night on the town but looks like things have changed.

Arriving at Jim’s Bistro, only one other table was occupied so we opted to read the menu whilst sitting on a comfy sofa with a drink – it was good to see that virtually everything on the menu was different to what we had eaten on previous visits. Seasonality and keeping the menu varied was always something proprietor James Trevor (Jim) was proud of and evidently that’s still true today.

By the time we were seated at our table, the restaurant was getting quite busy with over half of the restaurant now full. In the hustle and bustle it seemed our waitress had forgotten to give us complimentary bread – ok, hardly crime of the century and bread I can live without for a meal but other tables had it so why not us?? Should I say something or should I keep quiet and put it in the review… just as that thought had left my head, the waitress apologetically came over with a board of bread and butter so disaster averted and bonus brownie points reinstated.

Ok, enough waffle – food.

You can’t go wrong with deep fried cheese so when I spotted deep fried brie with a pear chutney, I made that my choice of starter. My wife opted for the chicken liver and garlic pate, served with brioche. I don’t like pate but I’m told it was incredibly moreish – I was very happy with the brie though and would recommend it.

For mains our waitress told us that one of the specials – a slow-cooked leg of chicken – was very good, so taking it under advisement we both ordered the same. I’m so glad we did as it was probably the best chicken I’ve ever tasted – and not a bargain bucket in sight!? I would happily choose this if I saw it on the menu in future.

By the time our plates had been cleared and we were offered a desert menu we were so full it was borderline as to whether we would have a desert. Of course that means we did have a desert, if only to give a full review…
One creme brulee and chocolate souffl? with pistachio ice cream later and we really were fit to burst, but very satisfied with it.

The bill total, with drinks came to under ?45 which for a very good 3-course meal I think is very reasonable.


So did Jim’s Bistro still meet my expectations?? Yes, absolutely. ? With so much restaurant choice in Peterborough these days it can be daunting to choosing a restaurant to spend your wages and thankfully Jim’s Bistro is one of those where the experience is consistently good.

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