Only 8 weeks until Chiquito Peterborough opens

I know I’ve berated chain restaurants in the past and I would still prefer to see new independents than chains but I have to admit that they are a big draw for a lot of people.

Chain restaurants are often more clued up when it comes to embracing marketing and promotions and may invest more in staff training. Many independents would struggle to keep their dining experience as consistent as the chains do.

So now I’ve made my opinion clear, you might be surprised to read I’m actually looking forward to the opening of a Chiquito mexican restaurant just opposite Serpentine Green in Peterborough!? I’ve been told that the opening is expected in eight weeks so approximately December 10th – just in time for your Christmas Parties!

Having spent time in Mexico on honeymoon I know nothing will compare to the food I ate out there but I’ve visited other Chiquito restaurants and found them really pleasant places to eat and especially good with a group of friends or family.

If anyone has any more info on the Peterborough restaurant, I’d love to hear it.

Review revisited: Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough

We hadn’t been to Jim’s Bistro for a while, nearly 18 months since my last visit so we thought a return visit was well overdue. It’s always interesting coming back to a restaurants as there’s the question if they’ll live up to the memory – or if they’ve improved on any previous failings.

So with a table booked, we ventured into Peterborough City Centre. Obviously I didn’t get the memo because we were the only ones out, at 8pm on an Autumn Friday night. A couple of years ago you would at least see a few revellers out for a night on the town but looks like things have changed. Continue reading “Review revisited: Jim’s Bistro, Peterborough”