The best burger in Peterborough?

The humble burger has been a subject of discussion for some in Peterborough for a few years, namely due to a particular burger van in the city’s Cathedral Square. That got me thinking about where I would go for a real gourmet burger – one that isn’t served with a waxy napkin and is more likely to contain a slice of beef tomato than a mound of fried onions.

The demand for burgers in Peterborough is obvious to see – there are eight McDonalds restaurants in and around the city limits, plus numerous other chains and takeaways offering pretty much the same. Other towns and cities have attracted the likes of Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Ultimate Burger, so where can you go in Peterborough to get a better burger?

My advice for anyone seeking a “posh” burger is to avoid the takeaways and the chain pubs like Weatherspoons or Yates and instead seek out independent pubs and hotel restaurants.

I’ve yet to try it but the RBG restaurant in the city centre Park Inn hotel offers a range of burgers with classic beef costing ?7.70. Head further out of the city centre and The Marriott near Lynch Wood has it’s signature “Marriott Burger” at ?12.50.

There’s also a couple of Harvesters in Peterborough and the Beefeater by Orton Meadows, but does anyone have any other suggestions/recommendations?? Let me know below!

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  1. RBG @ Park Inn is fantastic. Avoid the harvester etc at all cost!

    Steak is also good in the RBG but can’t beat the fillet steak from the Fitzwilliam Arms @ Marholm [sp].

  2. The Marriott burger is always a winner! I know it sounds sad, but the Hungry Horse (Harrier in Gunthorpe) is also good. If you’re after a heart attack in a bun though- MegaBite is the way to guarantee a night locked in the bathroom nursing a cold toilet roll!

  3. This is exactly what I have been wondering for ages! As an avowed burgeraholic I almost feel like weeping at the dearth of decent burgers in the ‘boro! We need a GBK asap!

  4. this is an old post i know but as a burgerholic the elton furze golf club has the best to offer in both the burger itself and value for money. Trust me on this one….

  5. As another burgerholic, sorry but I have to disagree with Caza. In my opinion, the burger I had at Elton Furze golf club a while back has to be the worst burger I’ve ever had. undercooked and swimming in grease (most of which ended up all over my clothes on the very first bite). I’d recomend some of the mobile caterers such as Karla’s Kitchen in Tresham Road Orton Southgate for a good daytime nosh. One tip though – if he offers you a try of his extra hot chilli sauce, just say no…

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